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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
** Copyright 2009, The Android Open Source Project
** Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License")
** you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
** You may obtain a copy of the License at
** Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
** distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
** See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
** limitations under the License.
<device name="Android">
<!-- Most values are the incremental current used by a feature,
in mA (measured at nominal voltage).
The default values are deliberately incorrect values.
OEM's must measure and provide actual values before
shipping a device.
Example real-world values are given in comments, but they
are totally dependent on the platform and can vary
significantly, so should be measured on the shipping platform
with a power meter. -->
<item name="ambient.on">0.1</item> <!-- ~100mA -->
<item name="screen.on">0.1</item> <!-- ~100mA -->
<item name="screen.full">0.1</item> <!-- ~100mA -->
<item name="">0.1</item> <!-- Bluetooth data transfer, ~10mA -->
<item name="bluetooth.on">0.1</item> <!-- Bluetooth on & connectable, but not connected, ~0.1mA -->
<item name="wifi.on">0.1</item> <!-- ~3mA -->
<item name="">0.1</item> <!-- WIFI data transfer, ~200mA -->
<item name="wifi.scan">0.1</item> <!-- WIFI network scanning, ~100mA -->
<item name="audio">0.1</item> <!-- ~10mA -->
<item name="video">0.1</item> <!-- ~50mA -->
<item name="camera.flashlight">0.1</item> <!-- Avg. power for camera flash, ~160mA -->
<item name="camera.avg">0.1</item> <!-- Avg. power use of camera in standard usecases, ~550mA -->
<item name="gps.on">0.1</item> <!-- ~50mA -->
<!-- Radio related values. For modems without energy reporting support in firmware, use, radio.scanning, and radio.on. -->
<item name="">0.1</item> <!-- ~200mA -->
<item name="radio.scanning">0.1</item> <!-- cellular radio scanning for signal, ~10mA -->
<!-- Current consumed by the radio at different signal strengths, when paging -->
<array name="radio.on"> <!-- Strength 0 to BINS-1 -->
<value>0.2</value> <!-- ~2mA -->
<value>0.1</value> <!-- ~1mA -->
<!-- Additional power consumption by CPU excluding cluster and core when
running -->
<array name="">
<!-- A list of heterogeneous CPU clusters, where the value for each cluster represents the
number of CPU cores for that cluster.
<array name="cpu.clusters.cores">
<value>4</value> // cluster 0 has cpu0, cpu1, cpu2, cpu3
<value>2</value> // cluster 1 has cpu4, cpu5
</array> -->
<array name="cpu.clusters.cores">
<value>1</value> <!-- cluster 0 has cpu0 -->
<!-- Different CPU speeds for cluster 0 as reported in
There must be one of these for each cluster, labeled:
cpu.speeds.cluster0, cpu.speeds.cluster1, etc... -->
<array name="cpu.speeds.cluster0">
<value>400000</value> <!-- 400 MHz CPU speed -->
<!-- Current at each CPU speed for cluster 0, as per 'cpu.speeds.cluster0'.
Like cpu.speeds.cluster0, there must be one of these present for
each heterogeneous CPU cluster. -->
<array name="">
<value>0.1</value> <!-- ~100mA -->
<!-- Current when CPU is idle -->
<item name="cpu.idle">0.1</item>
<!-- Memory bandwidth power values in mA at the rail. There must be one value
for each bucket defined in the device tree. -->
<array name="memory.bandwidths">
<value>22.7</value> <!-- mA for bucket: 100mb/s-1.5 GB/s memory bandwidth -->
<!-- This is the battery capacity in mAh (measured at nominal voltage) -->
<item name="battery.capacity">1000</item>
<!-- Wifi related values. -->
<!-- Idle Receive current for wifi radio in mA. 0 by default-->
<item name="wifi.controller.idle">0</item>
<!-- Rx current for wifi radio in mA. 0 by default-->
<item name="wifi.controller.rx">0</item>
<!-- Tx current for wifi radio in mA. 0 by default-->
<item name="wifi.controller.tx">0</item>
<!-- Current at each of the wifi Tx levels in mA. The number of tx levels varies per device
and is available only of wifi chipsets which support the tx level reporting. Use
wifi.tx for other chipsets. none by default -->
<array name="wifi.controller.tx_levels"> <!-- mA -->
<!-- Operating volatage for wifi radio in mV. 0 by default-->
<item name="wifi.controller.voltage">0</item>
<array name="wifi.batchedscan"> <!-- mA -->
<value>.0002</value> <!-- 1-8/hr -->
<value>.002</value> <!-- 9-64/hr -->
<value>.02</value> <!-- 65-512/hr -->
<value>.2</value> <!-- 513-4,096/hr -->
<value>2</value> <!-- 4097-/hr -->
<!-- Cellular modem related values. Default is 0.-->
<item name="modem.controller.sleep">0</item>
<item name="modem.controller.idle">0</item>
<item name="modem.controller.rx">0</item>
<array name="modem.controller.tx"> <!-- Strength 0 to 4 -->
<item name="modem.controller.voltage">0</item>
<!-- GPS related values. Default is 0.-->
<array name="gps.signalqualitybased"> <!-- Strength 0 to 1 -->
<item name="gps.voltage">0</item>