Use KNOWN_PACKAGES when shared lib consumers

This change ensures we find ALL known packages that could be consuming a
shared library, not only currently installed ones. Without this check,
the system may get into a state in which we have currently uninstalled
but on-device apps that depend on a shared library that does not exist
on device.

This change also leaves static shared library packages on device even if
it's not installed for any of the remaining users as it could still be
used, but marked uninstalled for users in which it is consumed.

Bug: 141413692
Bug: 142083996
Test: Manual; attempt to remove shared lib after marking its consumer uninstalled.
Test: atest StaticSharedLibsHostTests
Change-Id: Id4e37c3e4d3ea3ad5fddae5d2c7305e56f50eeea
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