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page.metaDescription=Join Designed for Families in just a few simple steps.
If you're building an app designed for kids and families, there are a few
things you need to do <em>before</em> you’ll be ready to opt-in to the Designed for
Families program:
<li>Complete the content rating questionnaire for your app and meet an ESRB
rating of Everyone or Everyone 10+ rating
<li>Add a privacy policy link to your app’s <strong>Store Listing</strong>
<li>Make sure your app meets all the <a href=
for Families program requirements.</a>
Now that your app is ready to publish, you can opt-in to Designed for
Families directly from the <a href=
"">Developer Console</a>. Opt-in means
that you want your app to be made available on the new family-friendly
experience on Google Play in addition to the category you’ve selected on
the Google Play Store.
Opt-in also confirms that your app complies with <a href=
"">Google Play
Developer Program Policies</a> and the <a href=
Distribution Agreement</a>, including the <a href=
Designed for Families DDA Addendum</a>. If you are not familiar with these
policy documents or the Addendum, make sure to read them before opting-in.
Once you're ready, here's how to opt-in to Designed for Families for a specific app:
<li>In the Developer Console <strong>All Applications</strong> page, click the app you want to
opt-in. Under Pricing and Distribution, scroll down to find <strong>Designed for
Families</strong> and the opt-in checkbox.<img src="/images/gp-dff-optin.png" style=
"border:2px solid #ddd;margin:1em 0;">
<li>Start the opt-in flow and confirm that your app meets the eligibility
<li>If your app has ads, confirm that it meets the ads policy.
<img src="/images/gp-dff-appinfo.png"
style="border:2px solid #ddd;margin:1em 0;"></li>
<li>Choose your target age groups from: Ages 5 & Under, Ages 6 to 8, Ages 9
to 12, or General Audience (for apps which target children and older
audiences). If your app targets more than one age group, you can choose up to
two adjacent age groups. Apps with an ESRB 10+ rating can only choose an
age target of 9-12 or General Audience.
<li>Choose a category for your app for the new family-focused experience on
Google Play. Your app will also be discoverable in its existing category in
Google Play.</li>
<li>Review and agree to the linked documents and then click
<strong>Opt-In</strong>. Finally, click <strong>Submit update</strong> on the
Pricing & Distribution page to publish or update your app.
Once you opt-in your app, it will be thoroughly reviewed before being
accepted into the Designed for Families program.
<p class="note">
<strong>Note</strong>: Published apps in the Designed for Families program
are also available to all users on Google Play.
If you opt-in an app that you're publishing for the first time and it doesn't
meet the Designed for Families program requirements, it won't be made available
on Google Play until <strong>either</strong> you update the app to meet the
program requirements <strong>or</strong> you uncheck the opt-in box and pass
Google Play's standard review process.
If you opt-in an app that's already published on Google Play and it doesn't
meet the program requirements, it will remain available to all users but won't
be added to the new family experience until you update the app to meet the
program requirements.
If you publish an update to an app that's opted-in to Designed for Families,
the app update needs to pass the Designed for Families review before it will
become available to all users on Google Play.</p>
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