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page.title=Designed for Families
page.metaDescription=Designed for Families helps you make your apps and games more discoverable to families.
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In several weeks, a new family-focused experience on Google Play will give
users new ways to browse, search, and discover high quality apps and games
for their families.
To support a more family-friendly store, developers are invited to opt-in
family-focused apps and games to the new Designed for Families program. Apps
that meet the <a href=
requirements</a> will be shown in the new family experience so that
parents can find suitable, trusted, high-quality apps and games more easily.
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Opt-in your apps and games today using the tools and processes you currently
use to manage your apps in the Developer Console. Your apps in the program
can benefit from enhanced discoverability in addition to maintaining their
existing categories, rankings, and reviews elsewhere on the Google Play
<h2 id="elibibility">Eligibility</h2>
Apps in the family-friendly experience on Google Play will be more
discoverable by parents and families, who expect the apps to be age
appropriate. The Designed for Families program is designed to be inclusive of
apps that are made for kids as well as those that can be enjoyed by the
entire family. To address this audience, there are specific guidelines and
policies your apps need to meet, which will be assessed in an app content
Make sure that you're familiar with the policies that your app must comply
with. These include <a href=
policies</a>, the <a href=
Distribution Agreement</a>, and the <a href=
Designed for Families DDA Addendum</a>.
Your app must also meet the <a href=
for Families program requirements</a> listed in the Google Play Developer
Help Center.
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