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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
** Copyright 2009, The Android Open Source Project
** Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
** you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
** You may obtain a copy of the License at
** Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
** distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
** See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
** limitations under the License.
<!-- These resources are around just to allow their values to be customized
for different hardware and product builds. -->
<!-- Whether recents should use hardware layers for its taskviews. This flag can be enabled
for devices where the java drawing of round rects may be slow -->
<bool name="config_recents_use_hardware_layers">false</bool>
<!-- The number of app thumbnails we keep in memory -->
<integer name="config_recents_max_thumbnail_count">10</integer>
<!-- The number of app icons we keep in memory -->
<integer name="config_recents_max_icon_count">20</integer>
<!-- Whether to use cheap, less good looking shadows for recents -->
<bool name="config_recents_fake_shadows">false</bool>
<!-- Whether to clip notification contents with a rounded rectangle. Might be expensive on
certain GPU's and thus can be turned off with only minimal visual impact. -->
<bool name="config_notifications_round_rect_clipping">true</bool>
<!-- Control whether status bar should distinguish HSPA data icon form UMTS
data icon on devices -->
<bool name="config_hspa_data_distinguishable">false</bool>
<!-- Component to be used as the status bar service. Must implement the IStatusBar
interface. This name is in the ComponentName flattened format (package/class) -->
<string name="config_statusBarComponent" translatable="false"></string>
<!-- Whether or not we show the number in the bar. -->
<bool name="config_statusBarShowNumber">false</bool>
<!-- Vibrator pattern for camera gesture launch. -->
<integer-array translatable="false" name="config_cameraLaunchGestureVibePattern">
<!-- How many icons may be shown at once in the system bar. Includes any
slots that may be reused for things like IME control. -->
<integer name="config_maxNotificationIcons">5</integer>
<!-- Show phone (voice) signal strength instead of data in mobile RSSI. -->
<bool name="config_showPhoneRSSIForData">false</bool>
<!-- When true, show 1/2G networks as 3G. -->
<bool name="config_showMin3G">false</bool>
<!-- Show rotation lock toggle in System UI-->
<bool name="config_showRotationLock">true</bool>
<!-- Vibration duration for GlowPadView used in SearchPanelView -->
<integer translatable="false" name="config_vibration_duration">0</integer>
<!-- Vibration duration for GlowPadView used in SearchPanelView -->
<integer translatable="false" name="config_search_panel_view_vibration_duration">20</integer>
<!-- Show mic or phone affordance on Keyguard -->
<bool name="config_keyguardShowLeftAffordance">false</bool>
<!-- Show camera affordance on Keyguard -->
<bool name="config_keyguardShowCameraAffordance">false</bool>
<!-- Whether we should use SRC drawing mode when drawing the scrim behind. If this flag is set,
we change the canvas opacity so libhwui doesn't call glClear on our surface, and then we
draw the scrim with SRC to overwrite the whole buffer, which saves us a layer of overdraw.
However, SRC performs poorly on some devices, where it is more efficient to
glClear + SRC_OVER, in which case this flag should be disabled. -->
<bool name="config_status_bar_scrim_behind_use_src">true</bool>
<!-- The length of the vibration when the notification pops open. -->
<integer name="one_finger_pop_duration_ms">10</integer>
<!-- decay duration (from size_max -> size), in ms -->
<integer name="navigation_bar_deadzone_hold">333</integer>
<integer name="navigation_bar_deadzone_decay">333</integer>
<!-- orientation of the dead zone when touches have recently occurred elsewhere on screen -->
<integer name="navigation_bar_deadzone_orientation">0</integer>
<bool name="config_dead_zone_flash">false</bool>
<!-- Whether to enable dimming navigation buttons when wallpaper is not visible, should be
enabled for OLED devices to reduce/prevent burn in on the navigation bar (because of the
black background and static button placements) and disabled for all other devices to
prevent wasting cpu cycles on the dimming animation -->
<bool name="config_navigation_bar_enable_auto_dim_no_visible_wallpaper">true</bool>
<!-- Whether QuickSettings is in a phone landscape -->
<bool name="quick_settings_wide">false</bool>
<!-- The number of columns in the QuickSettings -->
<integer name="quick_settings_num_columns">3</integer>
<!-- The number of rows in the QuickSettings -->
<integer name="quick_settings_num_rows">1</integer>
<!-- The number of columns that the top level tiles span in the QuickSettings -->
<integer name="quick_settings_user_time_settings_tile_span">1</integer>
<!-- The default tiles to display in QuickSettings -->
<string name="quick_settings_tiles_default" translatable="false">
<!-- Tiles native to System UI. Order should match "quick_settings_tiles_default" -->
<string name="quick_settings_tiles_stock" translatable="false">
<!-- The tiles to display in QuickSettings -->
<string name="quick_settings_tiles" translatable="false">default</string>
<!-- The tiles to display in QuickSettings in retail mode -->
<string name="quick_settings_tiles_retail_mode" translatable="false">
<!-- Whether or not the RSSI tile is capitalized or not. -->
<bool name="quick_settings_rssi_tile_capitalization">true</bool>
<!-- Timeouts for brightness dialog to disappear -->
<integer name="quick_settings_brightness_dialog_short_timeout">2000</integer>
<integer name="quick_settings_brightness_dialog_long_timeout">4000</integer>
<!-- Should "4G" be shown instead of "LTE" when the network is NETWORK_TYPE_LTE? -->
<bool name="config_show4GForLTE">true</bool>
<!-- Should "LTE"/"4G" be shown instead of "LTE+"/"4G+" when on NETWORK_TYPE_LTE_CA? -->
<bool name="config_hideLtePlus">false</bool>
<!-- milliseconds before the heads up notification auto-dismisses. -->
<integer name="heads_up_notification_decay">5000</integer>
<!-- milliseconds after a heads up notification is pushed back
before the app can interrupt again. -->
<integer name="heads_up_default_snooze_length_ms">60000</integer>
<!-- Minimum display time for a heads up notification, in milliseconds. -->
<integer name="heads_up_notification_minimum_time">2000</integer>
<!-- milliseconds before the heads up notification accepts touches. -->
<integer name="touch_acceptance_delay">700</integer>
<!-- The duration in seconds to wait before the dismiss buttons are shown. -->
<integer name="recents_task_bar_dismiss_delay_seconds">1000</integer>
<!-- The duration for animating the task decorations in after transitioning from an app. -->
<integer name="recents_task_enter_from_app_duration">200</integer>
<!-- The duration for animating the task decorations in after transitioning from an app. -->
<integer name="recents_task_enter_from_affiliated_app_duration">125</integer>
<!-- The duration for animating the task decorations out before transitioning to an app. -->
<integer name="recents_task_exit_to_app_duration">125</integer>
<!-- The min animation duration for animating the nav bar scrim in. -->
<integer name="recents_nav_bar_scrim_enter_duration">400</integer>
<!-- The animation duration for scrolling the stack to a particular item. -->
<integer name="recents_animate_task_stack_scroll_duration">200</integer>
<!-- The delay to enforce between each alt-tab key press. -->
<integer name="recents_alt_tab_key_delay">200</integer>
<!-- Svelte specific logic, see RecentsConfiguration.SVELTE_* constants. -->
<integer name="recents_svelte_level">0</integer>
<!-- In multi-window, determines whether the stack where recents lives should grow from
the smallest position when being launched. -->
<bool name="recents_grow_in_multiwindow">true</bool>
<!-- Animation duration when using long press on recents to dock -->
<integer name="long_press_dock_anim_duration">250</integer>
<!-- Recents: The relative range of visible tasks from the current scroll position
while the stack is focused. -->
<item name="recents_layout_focused_range_min" format="float" type="integer">-3</item>
<item name="recents_layout_focused_range_max" format="float" type="integer">2</item>
<!-- Recents: The relative range of visible tasks from the current scroll position
while the stack is not focused. -->
<item name="recents_layout_unfocused_range_min" format="float" type="integer">-2</item>
<item name="recents_layout_unfocused_range_max" format="float" type="integer">2.5</item>
<!-- Whether to enable KeyguardService or not -->
<bool name="config_enableKeyguardService">true</bool>
<!-- The maximum count of notifications on Keyguard. The rest will be collapsed in an overflow
card. -->
<integer name="keyguard_max_notification_count">3</integer>
<!-- Defines the implementation of the velocity tracker to be used for the panel expansion. Can
be 'platform' or 'noisy' (i.e. for noisy touch screens). -->
<string name="velocity_tracker_impl" translatable="false">platform</string>
<!-- Set to true to enable the user switcher on the keyguard. -->
<bool name="config_keyguardUserSwitcher">false</bool>
<!-- Doze: does this device support STATE_DOZE? -->
<bool name="doze_display_state_supported">false</bool>
<!-- Doze: does this device support STATE_DOZE_SUSPEND? -->
<bool name="doze_suspend_display_state_supported">false</bool>
<!-- Doze: should the significant motion sensor be used as a pulse signal? -->
<bool name="doze_pulse_on_significant_motion">false</bool>
<!-- Doze: check proximity sensor before pulsing? -->
<bool name="doze_proximity_check_before_pulse">true</bool>
<!-- Doze: should notifications be used as a pulse signal? -->
<bool name="doze_pulse_on_notifications">true</bool>
<!-- Doze: duration to avoid false pickup gestures triggered by notification vibrations -->
<integer name="doze_pickup_vibration_threshold">2000</integer>
<!-- Doze: can we assume the pickup sensor includes a proximity check?
This is ignored if doze_pickup_subtype_performs_proximity_check is not empty.
@deprecated: use doze_pickup_subtype_performs_proximity_check instead.-->
<bool name="doze_pickup_performs_proximity_check">false</bool>
<!-- Doze: a list of pickup sensor subtypes that perform a proximity check before they trigger.
If not empty, either * or !* must appear to specify the default.
If empty, falls back to doze_pickup_performs_proximity_check.
Examples: 1,2,3,!* -> subtypes 1,2 and 3 perform the check, all others don't.
!1,!2,* -> subtypes 1 and 2 don't perform the check, all others do.
!8,* -> subtype 8 does not perform the check, all others do
1,1,* -> illegal, every item may only appear once
1,!1,* -> illegal, no contradictions allowed
1,2 -> illegal, need either * or !*
1,,4a3 -> illegal, no empty or non-numeric terms allowed
<string name="doze_pickup_subtype_performs_proximity_check"></string>
<!-- Type of a sensor that provides a low-power estimate of the desired display
brightness, suitable to listen to while the device is asleep (e.g. during
always-on display) -->
<string name="doze_brightness_sensor_type" translatable="false"></string>
<!-- Doze: pulse parameter - how long does it take to fade in? -->
<integer name="doze_pulse_duration_in">130</integer>
<!-- Doze: pulse parameter - once faded in, how long does it stay visible? -->
<integer name="doze_pulse_duration_visible">6000</integer>
<!-- Doze: pulse parameter - how long does it take to fade out? -->
<integer name="doze_pulse_duration_out">600</integer>
<!-- Doze: alpha to apply to small icons when dozing -->
<integer name="doze_small_icon_alpha">222</integer><!-- 87% of 0xff -->
<!-- Doze: Table that translates sensor values from the doze_brightness_sensor_type sensor
to brightness values; -1 means keeping the current brightness. -->
<integer-array name="config_doze_brightness_sensor_to_brightness">
<item>-1</item> <!-- 0: OFF -->
<item>2</item> <!-- 1: NIGHT -->
<item>5</item> <!-- 2: LOW -->
<item>27</item> <!-- 3: HIGH -->
<item>28</item> <!-- 4: SUN -->
<!-- Doze: Table that translates sensor values from the doze_brightness_sensor_type sensor
to an opacity value for a black scrim that is overlayed in AOD1.
Valid range is from 0 (transparent) to 255 (opaque).
-1 means keeping the current opacity. -->
<integer-array name="config_doze_brightness_sensor_to_scrim_opacity">
<item>-1</item> <!-- 0: OFF -->
<item>0</item> <!-- 1: NIGHT -->
<item>0</item> <!-- 2: LOW -->
<item>0</item> <!-- 3: HIGH -->
<item>0</item> <!-- 4: SUN -->
<!-- Doze: whether the double tap sensor reports 2D touch coordinates -->
<bool name="doze_double_tap_reports_touch_coordinates">false</bool>
<!-- Hotspot tile: number of days to show after feature is used. -->
<integer name="days_to_show_hotspot_tile">30</integer>
<!-- Color inversion tile: number of days to show after feature is used. -->
<integer name="days_to_show_color_inversion_tile">7</integer>
<!-- Number of times to show the strong alarm warning text in the volume dialog -->
<integer name="zen_mode_alarm_warning_threshold">5</integer>
<!-- Maximum number of total conditions to display in the zen mode selection panel -->
<integer name="zen_mode_max_conditions">5</integer>
<!-- Enable the default volume dialog -->
<bool name="enable_volume_ui">true</bool>
<!-- Enable the default volume level warning dialog -->
<bool name="enable_safety_warning">true</bool>
<!-- Whether to show operator name in the status bar -->
<bool name="config_showOperatorNameInStatusBar">false</bool>
<!-- Duration of the full carrier network change icon animation. -->
<integer name="carrier_network_change_anim_time">3000</integer>
<!-- Duration of the expansion animation in the volume dialog -->
<item name="volume_expand_animation_duration" type="integer">300</item>
<!-- Whether to show the full screen user switcher. -->
<bool name="config_enableFullscreenUserSwitcher">false</bool>
<!-- SystemUIFactory component -->
<string name="config_systemUIFactoryComponent" translatable="false"></string>
<!-- SystemUI Services: The classes of the stuff to start. -->
<string-array name="config_systemUIServiceComponents" translatable="false">
<!-- SystemUI vender service, used in config_systemUIServiceComponents. -->
<string name="config_systemUIVendorServiceComponent" translatable="false"></string>
<!-- SystemUI Services (per user): The classes of the stuff to start for each user. This is a subset of the config_systemUIServiceComponents -->
<string-array name="config_systemUIServiceComponentsPerUser" translatable="false">
<!-- Nav bar button default ordering/layout -->
<string name="config_navBarLayout" translatable="false">left[.5W],back[1WC];home;recent[1WC],right[.5W]</string>
<string name="config_navBarLayoutQuickstep" translatable="false">back[1.7WC];home;contextual[1.7WC]</string>
<bool name="quick_settings_show_full_alarm">false</bool>
<!-- Whether to show a warning notification when the device reaches a certain temperature. -->
<integer name="config_showTemperatureWarning">0</integer>
<!-- Temp at which to show a warning notification if config_showTemperatureWarning is true.
If < 0, uses the skin temperature sensor shutdown value from
HardwarePropertiesManager#getDeviceTemperatures - config_warningTemperatureTolerance. -->
<integer name="config_warningTemperature">-1</integer>
<!-- Fudge factor for how much below the shutdown temp to show the warning. -->
<integer name="config_warningTemperatureTolerance">2</integer>
<!-- Accessibility actions -->
<item type="id" name="action_split_task_to_left" />
<item type="id" name="action_split_task_to_right" />
<item type="id" name="action_split_task_to_top" />
<item type="id" name="action_toggle_overview"/>
<!-- Whether or not the gear icon on notifications should be shown. The gear is shown when the
the notification is not swiped enough to dismiss it. -->
<bool name="config_showNotificationGear">true</bool>
<!-- Whether or not a background should be drawn behind a notification. -->
<bool name="config_drawNotificationBackground">true</bool>
<!-- Whether or the notifications can be shown and dismissed with a drag. -->
<bool name="config_enableNotificationShadeDrag">true</bool>
<!-- Whether to show activity indicators in the status bar -->
<bool name="config_showActivity">false</bool>
<!-- Whether or not the button to clear all notifications will be shown. -->
<bool name="config_enableNotificationsClearAll">true</bool>
<!-- Whether or not to show the notification shelf that houses the icons of notifications that
have been scrolled off-screen. -->
<bool name="config_showNotificationShelf">true</bool>
<!-- Whether or not the notifications should always fade as they are dismissed. -->
<bool name="config_fadeNotificationsOnDismiss">false</bool>
<!-- Whether or not the parent of the notification row itself is being translated when swiped or
its children views. If true, then the contents are translated and vice versa. -->
<bool name="config_translateNotificationContentsOnSwipe">true</bool>
<!-- Whether or not the fade on the notification is based on the amount that it has been swiped
off-screen. -->
<bool name="config_fadeDependingOnAmountSwiped">false</bool>
<!-- Whether or not to show the expand button at the end of the notification header. -->
<bool name="config_showNotificationExpandButtonAtEnd">false</bool>
<!-- Whether or the notifications should be clipped to be reduced in height if it has been
scrolled to the top of the screen. -->
<bool name="config_clipNotificationScrollToTop">true</bool>
<!-- Whether or not the notification contents should be clipped to any background that is
set on the notification container. For example, if this value is true and the background
has rounded corners, then the contents will be clipped to those corners. -->
<bool name="config_clipNotificationsToOutline">false</bool>
<!-- Whether or not notifications that can be expanded will always be in their expanded state.
This value only affects notifications that are not a group of notifications from the same
applications. If this value is false, then only the first notification will be expanded;
the other notifications need to be manually expanded by the user. -->
<bool name="config_alwaysExpandNonGroupedNotifications">false</bool>
<!-- Whether or not an expandable notification can be manually expanded or collapsed by the
user. Grouped notifications are still expandable even if this value is false. -->
<bool name="config_enableNonGroupedNotificationExpand">true</bool>
<!-- Whether or not there should be dividing lines between child notifications when the
group has been expanded. -->
<bool name="config_showDividersWhenGroupNotificationExpanded">false</bool>
<!-- Whether or not the dividing lines should be shown when the container is expanding and
collapsing. If this value is true, then the lines will only show when the container has
been completely expanded. -->
<bool name="config_hideDividersDuringExpand">false</bool>
<!-- Whether or not child notifications that are part of a group will have shadows. -->
<bool name="config_enableShadowOnChildNotifications">true</bool>
<!-- Whether or not a view containing child notifications will have a custom background when
it has been expanded to reveal its children. -->
<bool name="config_showGroupNotificationBgWhenExpanded">false</bool>
<!-- Whether to artificially interpret all signal strengths as
one bar higher than they actually are -->
<bool name="config_inflateSignalStrength">false</bool>
<!-- Should we vibrate on an icon animation of the shelf. This should only be active if the
vibrator is capable of subtle vibrations -->
<bool name="config_vibrateOnIconAnimation">false</bool>
<!-- If true, enable the advance anti-falsing classifier on the lockscreen. On some devices it
does not work well, particularly with noisy touchscreens. Note that disabling it may
increase the rate of unintentional unlocks. -->
<bool name="config_lockscreenAntiFalsingClassifierEnabled">true</bool>
<!-- Snooze: default notificaiton snooze time. -->
<integer name="config_notification_snooze_time_default">60</integer>
<!-- Snooze: List of snooze values in integer minutes. -->
<integer-array name="config_notification_snooze_times">
<!-- Smart replies in notifications: Whether smart replies in notifications are enabled. -->
<bool name="config_smart_replies_in_notifications_enabled">true</bool>
<!-- Smart replies in notifications: Whether we disable the feature unless the app targets P -->
<bool name="config_smart_replies_in_notifications_requires_targeting_p">true</bool>
<!-- Smart replies in notifications: Maximum number of times SmartReplyView will try to find a
better (narrower) line-break for a double-line smart reply button. -->
<integer name="config_smart_replies_in_notifications_max_squeeze_remeasure_attempts">3</integer>
<!-- Screenshot editing default activity. Must handle ACTION_EDIT image/png intents.
Blank sends the user to the Chooser first.
This name is in the ComponentName flattened format (package/class) -->
<string name="config_screenshotEditor" translatable="false"></string>
<!-- On debuggable builds, alert the user if SystemUI PSS goes over this number (in kb) -->
<integer name="watch_heap_limit">256000</integer>