DO NOT MERGE Correctly reset cross-profile app-op

Delegate the resetting of the INTERACT_ACROSS_PROFILES app-op to
DevicePolicyManager, which knows whether it should be pre-granted and
knows to apply it equally across all users in the profile group.

Further unit tests for DevicePolicyManagerInternal will be added in
b/175440570 when we have the better infra for that.

The CrossProfileAppsServiceImpl changes look more complex than they are.
They consist of the following:
- Inclusive language changes to 'allowlist'
- Static imports of permissions to improve readability
- Previously, the setInteractAcrossProfilesAppOp method would set the
app-op for every user within the profile group of the 'calling user'.
However, given that we are now exposing this as a server-side internal
API where we need to pass in a user ID (from AppOpsService), we don't
necessarily have the guarantee that the 'calling user' is in the same
profile group. So we split it up: the client-side API and AIDL API still
set the app-op for the calling profile group, whereas the internal API
sets the app-op for every user within the profile group of the provided
user. The changes simply abstract away references to the 'calling user

Fixes: 166561076
Bug: 175440570
Test: atest services/robotests/src/com/android/server/pm/ --verbose -c
Test: manual
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