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Contains the SQLite database management
classes that an application would use to manage its own private database.
Applications use these classes to maange private databases. If creating a
content provider, you will probably have to use these classes to create and
manage your own database to store content. See <a
href="{@docRoot}devel/data.html">Storing, Retrieving and Exposing Data</a> to learn
the conventions for implementing a content provider. See the
NotePadProvider class in the NotePad sample application in the SDK for an
example of a content provider. Android ships with SQLite version 3.4.0
<p>If you are working with data sent to you by a provider, you will not use
these SQLite classes, but instead use the generic {@link android.database}
<p>Android ships with the sqlite3 database tool in the <code>tools/</code>
folder. You can use this tool to browse or run SQL commands on the device. Run by
typing <code>sqlite3</code> in a shell window.