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page.title=Creative Vision for TV
<p>Users bring a specific set of expectations when watching TV, versus
interacting with a phone or tablet. These guidelines have been developed by the Android User
Experience Team to guide creation of the Android TV platform and the apps that run on it.</p>
<h2>Casual Consumption</h2>
<p>The TV is an entertainment interface, not a computer or mobile device. Optimize for
activities that put content at the center: from the casual posture of movie-watching, to
immersive gameplay, to hanging out with friends in a living room.</p>
<p>Users expect immediate access to content when they turn on a TV. Get users into the action
fast, be it the big game, their favorite show, or a game with friends. The next piece of content
to watch or play should only be a click or two away.</p>
<h2>Cinematic Experience</h2>
<p>Create immersive experiences for the user. Design for as little user interface and as much
content as possible on each screen. Use visual imagery, movement, and sound to inform and delight
users. Avoid using on-screen text to convey information and purpose. Tell your story with pictures
and sound.</p>
<p>Android TV is simple and magical. Its all about finding and enjoying content and
apps with the least amount of friction. Minimize the number of navigation steps required to
perform actions. Build apps with the fewest screens possible between app entry and content
immersion. Avoid making users enter text whenever possible, and use voice interfaces when you
require text input.</p>