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page.title=Monetize with Subscriptions
page.metaDescription=Sell subscriptions to your products to create continuing revenue streams.
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In-App Subscriptions
Subscriptions provide an excellent opportunity to create continuing revenue
streams. Subscriptions are similar to digital goods offered through <a href=
"{@docRoot}google/play/billing/index.html">In-app Billing</a> but made
available on a recurring monthly or annual basis.
When users purchase subscriptions in your apps, Google Play handles all
checkout details so your apps never have to directly process any financial
transactions. Google Play processes all payments for subscriptions through
Google Wallet, just as it does for standard in-app products and app
purchases. This ensures a consistent and familiar purchase flow for your
users and reduces cart abandonment rates.
At a basic level you can offer use of your apps or access to their content on
a subscription basis, using a <a href=
"{@docRoot}google/play/billing/billing_subscriptions.html#trials">free trial
subscription</a> to allow users to explore the apps or content.
A more advanced approach is to offer specific features or content items as
subscriptions within your apps. This way you can offer users basic or core
features or content for free or part of the initial purchase and extended
features or content as subscriptions. You can have multiple subscriptions
active in an app at any one time.
To get started with subscriptions you need to set-up a Google Wallet <a href=
Account</a> from the Developer Console. You then define subscriptions for
published or draft apps in the <a href=
Products</a> section of the Developer Console, integrate the In-app Billing
API into your apps, and add the mechanisms to unlock subscribed features or
deliver content.
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<strong>Tip:</strong> Due to some direct carrier billing limits, we
recommend monthly subscriptions. Annual subscriptions may exceed limits,
causing the purchase to be blocked and you to lose that revenue.
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