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page.title=Monetize Premium Apps
page.metaDescription=Charging users to download your apps is a simple, convenient monetization model.
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Charging users to download your apps is a simple, convenient monetization
model. After creating your <a href=
Account</a>, you <a href=
"/distribute/googleplay/developer-console.html#selling-pricing-your-products">set prices for your
apps</a> in the Developer Console. You can optionally include advertising or use
<a href="{@docRoot}google/play/billing/index.html">In-app
Billing</a> to sell additional features or content.
This model could work well for any app or game, but might be particularly
relevant to those with extensive features or that address a narrow niche in
the market. Certain categories of apps, such as games for children, should be
monetized by paying for them up front instead of advertising or in-app
However, this model may limit your apps monetization potential, particularly
in developing markets. You may be able to achieve greater revenue using the
<a href="{@docRoot}distribute/monetize/freemium.html">freemium</a>, <a href=
"{@docRoot}distribute/monetize/subscriptions.html">subscriptions</a> or
<a href="{@docRoot}distribute/monetize/ads.html">advertising</a> models.
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