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page.title=Monetize Freemium Apps
page.metaDescription=Use Google Play In-app Billing and other tools to monetize your free apps.
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Users are more likely to download free apps and games compared to priced
ones. However, we provide you with a number of ways to monetize free apps,
using <a href="{@docRoot}google/play/billing/index.html">In-app
Billing</a>. With this tool you can sell digital goods that are:
<li>Durable &mdash; once purchased the item will always be available to the
user, such as additional app features.
<li>Consumable &mdash; items that might be used progressively or expire after
a period of time, such as a game booster or news subscription.
A basic approach is to offer a free download with limited features or full
features for a limited time. Then use an in-app purchase to unlock the full,
unlimited app.
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Consumable product purchase
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Durable goods purchase
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A more advanced approach is to offer a range of features and content items
through in-app purchases. For example, in games you can offer users new
levels, playing pieces, or other game features. In apps you can offer
features or functionality that enhance the user experience either by
extending existing features or offering new ones. Using this approach you can
generate a continuing revenue stream from each app install.
Any item offered as an in-app purchase can also be offered as a subscription.
To get started with In-app Billing you need to set-up a Google Wallet
<a href="{@docRoot}distribute/googleplay/start.html#merchant-account">Merchant
Account</a> from Developer Console. You then define <a href=
products</a> in the Developer Console, integrate the In-app Billing API into
your apps, and add the mechanisms to unlock features or deliver content.
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