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page.metaImage=With Instant Buy you can sell physical goods and services from your web pages.
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Product Purchase with Instant Buy
With Google Wallet Instant Buy, you've the added flexibility of selling
physical goods and services, such as clothing or movie tickets, through your
apps using <a href=
"">Instant Buy for
Android</a> in the US.
You can use this option where your app is the store-front for retail or
webtail operations. However, you can also combine it with your <a href=
"{@docRoot}distribute/monetize/premium.html">premium</a> and <a href=
"{@docRoot}distribute/monetize/freemium.html">freemium</a> apps by offering
related products.
Your customers purchase goods and services with any Google Wallet payment
method &mdash; credit card, gift card, or Wallet balance. Google Wallet
Instant Buy helps you minimize user data entry by enabling your payment flow
to retrieve information directly from the user’s wallet.
You also keep your existing payment infrastructure and leverage Google Wallet
to optimize your payment flow &mdash; users can make purchases in as a few as
two clicks and the flow is simplified with features to retrieve information
directly from the user’s wallet and intelligent auto-completion of addresses.
To get started, set up a <a href=
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