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Starting with Ice Cream Sandwich, we focused the design of
Android around these three overarching goals, which apply
to our core apps as well as the system at large.
As you work with Android, consider these goals.
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<h4>Enchant me</h4>
<p>Beauty is more than skin deep. Android apps are sleek and aesthetically pleasing on multiple levels.
Transitions are fast and clear; layout and typography are crisp and meaningful. App icons are works
of art in their own right. Just like a well-made tool, your app should strive to combine beauty,
simplicity and purpose to create a magical experience that is effortless and powerful.</p>
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<h4>Simplify my life</h4>
<p>Android apps make life easier and are easy to understand. When people use your app for the first
time, they should intuitively grasp the most important features. The design work doesn't stop at the
first use, though. Android apps remove ongoing chores like file management and syncing. Simple tasks
never require complex procedures, and complex tasks are tailored to the human hand and mind. People
of all ages and cultures feel firmly in control, and are never overwhelmed by too many choices or
irrelevant flash.</p>
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<h4>Make me amazing</h4>
<p>It's not enough to make an app that is easy to use. Android apps empower people to try new things
and to use apps in inventive new ways. Android lets people combine applications into new workflows
through multitasking, notifications, and sharing across apps. At the same time, your app should feel
personal, giving people access to superb technology with clarity and grace.</p>