Do not dismiss keyguard after SIM PUK unlock

After PUK unlock, multiple calls to
KeyguardSecurityContainerController#dismiss() were being called from
the KeyguardSimPukViewController, which begins the transition to the
next security screen, if any. At the same time, other parts of the
system, also listening to SIM events, recognize the PUK unlock and
call KeyguardSecurityContainer#showSecurityScreen, which updates which
security method comes next. After boot, this should be one of PIN,
Password, Pattern, assuming they have a security method. If one of the
first dismiss() calls comes AFTER the security method changes, this is
incorrectly recognized by the code as a successful
PIN/pattern/password unlock. This causes the keyguard to be marked as
done, causing screen flickers and incorrect system state.

The solution: every call to dismiss() should include a new parameter
for the security method used. If there is a difference between this
parameter and the current value in KeyguardSecurityContainerCallback,
ignore the request, as the system state has changed.

Fixes: 238804980
Bug: 218500036
Test: atest KeyguardSecurityContainerTest
AdminSecondaryLockScreenControllerTest KeyguardHostViewControllerTest

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