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* Copyright (C) 2010 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#define LOG_TAG "BitmapRegionDecoder"
#include "SkBitmap.h"
#include "SkData.h"
#include "SkImageEncoder.h"
#include "GraphicsJNI.h"
#include "SkUtils.h"
#include "SkTemplates.h"
#include "SkPixelRef.h"
#include "SkStream.h"
#include "BitmapFactory.h"
#include "AutoDecodeCancel.h"
#include "CreateJavaOutputStreamAdaptor.h"
#include "Utils.h"
#include "JNIHelp.h"
#include "core_jni_helpers.h"
#include "android_util_Binder.h"
#include "android_nio_utils.h"
#include "CreateJavaOutputStreamAdaptor.h"
#include <binder/Parcel.h>
#include <jni.h>
#include <androidfw/Asset.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
using namespace android;
class SkBitmapRegionDecoder {
SkBitmapRegionDecoder(SkImageDecoder* decoder, int width, int height) {
fDecoder = decoder;
fWidth = width;
fHeight = height;
~SkBitmapRegionDecoder() {
bool decodeRegion(SkBitmap* bitmap, const SkIRect& rect,
SkColorType pref, int sampleSize) {
return fDecoder->decodeSubset(bitmap, rect, pref);
SkImageDecoder* getDecoder() const { return fDecoder; }
int getWidth() const { return fWidth; }
int getHeight() const { return fHeight; }
SkImageDecoder* fDecoder;
int fWidth;
int fHeight;
// Takes ownership of the SkStreamRewindable. For consistency, deletes stream even
// when returning null.
static jobject createBitmapRegionDecoder(JNIEnv* env, SkStreamRewindable* stream) {
SkImageDecoder* decoder = SkImageDecoder::Factory(stream);
int width, height;
if (NULL == decoder) {
doThrowIOE(env, "Image format not supported");
return nullObjectReturn("SkImageDecoder::Factory returned null");
JavaPixelAllocator *javaAllocator = new JavaPixelAllocator(env);
// This call passes ownership of stream to the decoder, or deletes on failure.
if (!decoder->buildTileIndex(stream, &width, &height)) {
char msg[100];
snprintf(msg, sizeof(msg), "Image failed to decode using %s decoder",
doThrowIOE(env, msg);
return nullObjectReturn("decoder->buildTileIndex returned false");
SkBitmapRegionDecoder *bm = new SkBitmapRegionDecoder(decoder, width, height);
return GraphicsJNI::createBitmapRegionDecoder(env, bm);
static jobject nativeNewInstanceFromByteArray(JNIEnv* env, jobject, jbyteArray byteArray,
jint offset, jint length, jboolean isShareable) {
/* If isShareable we could decide to just wrap the java array and
share it, but that means adding a globalref to the java array object
For now we just always copy the array's data if isShareable.
AutoJavaByteArray ar(env, byteArray);
SkMemoryStream* stream = new SkMemoryStream(ar.ptr() + offset, length, true);
// the decoder owns the stream.
jobject brd = createBitmapRegionDecoder(env, stream);
return brd;
static jobject nativeNewInstanceFromFileDescriptor(JNIEnv* env, jobject clazz,
jobject fileDescriptor, jboolean isShareable) {
NPE_CHECK_RETURN_ZERO(env, fileDescriptor);
jint descriptor = jniGetFDFromFileDescriptor(env, fileDescriptor);
struct stat fdStat;
if (fstat(descriptor, &fdStat) == -1) {
doThrowIOE(env, "broken file descriptor");
return nullObjectReturn("fstat return -1");
SkAutoTUnref<SkData> data(SkData::NewFromFD(descriptor));
SkMemoryStream* stream = new SkMemoryStream(data);
// the decoder owns the stream.
jobject brd = createBitmapRegionDecoder(env, stream);
return brd;
static jobject nativeNewInstanceFromStream(JNIEnv* env, jobject clazz,
jobject is, // InputStream
jbyteArray storage, // byte[]
jboolean isShareable) {
jobject brd = NULL;
// for now we don't allow shareable with java inputstreams
SkStreamRewindable* stream = CopyJavaInputStream(env, is, storage);
if (stream) {
// the decoder owns the stream.
brd = createBitmapRegionDecoder(env, stream);
return brd;
static jobject nativeNewInstanceFromAsset(JNIEnv* env, jobject clazz,
jlong native_asset, // Asset
jboolean isShareable) {
Asset* asset = reinterpret_cast<Asset*>(native_asset);
SkMemoryStream* stream = CopyAssetToStream(asset);
if (NULL == stream) {
return NULL;
// the decoder owns the stream.
jobject brd = createBitmapRegionDecoder(env, stream);
return brd;
* nine patch not supported
* purgeable not supported
* reportSizeToVM not supported
static jobject nativeDecodeRegion(JNIEnv* env, jobject, jlong brdHandle,
jint start_x, jint start_y, jint width, jint height, jobject options) {
SkBitmapRegionDecoder *brd = reinterpret_cast<SkBitmapRegionDecoder*>(brdHandle);
jobject tileBitmap = NULL;
SkImageDecoder *decoder = brd->getDecoder();
int sampleSize = 1;
SkColorType prefColorType = kUnknown_SkColorType;
bool doDither = true;
bool preferQualityOverSpeed = false;
bool requireUnpremultiplied = false;
if (NULL != options) {
sampleSize = env->GetIntField(options, gOptions_sampleSizeFieldID);
// initialize these, in case we fail later on
env->SetIntField(options, gOptions_widthFieldID, -1);
env->SetIntField(options, gOptions_heightFieldID, -1);
env->SetObjectField(options, gOptions_mimeFieldID, 0);
jobject jconfig = env->GetObjectField(options, gOptions_configFieldID);
prefColorType = GraphicsJNI::getNativeBitmapColorType(env, jconfig);
doDither = env->GetBooleanField(options, gOptions_ditherFieldID);
preferQualityOverSpeed = env->GetBooleanField(options,
// Get the bitmap for re-use if it exists.
tileBitmap = env->GetObjectField(options, gOptions_bitmapFieldID);
requireUnpremultiplied = !env->GetBooleanField(options, gOptions_premultipliedFieldID);
AutoDecoderCancel adc(options, decoder);
// To fix the race condition in case "requestCancelDecode"
// happens earlier than AutoDecoderCancel object is added
// to the gAutoDecoderCancelMutex linked list.
if (NULL != options && env->GetBooleanField(options, gOptions_mCancelID)) {
return nullObjectReturn("gOptions_mCancelID");;
SkIRect region;
region.fLeft = start_x;
region.fTop = start_y;
region.fRight = start_x + width;
region.fBottom = start_y + height;
SkBitmap bitmap;
if (tileBitmap != NULL) {
// Re-use bitmap.
GraphicsJNI::getSkBitmap(env, tileBitmap, &bitmap);
if (!brd->decodeRegion(&bitmap, region, prefColorType, sampleSize)) {
return nullObjectReturn("decoder->decodeRegion returned false");
// update options (if any)
if (NULL != options) {
env->SetIntField(options, gOptions_widthFieldID, bitmap.width());
env->SetIntField(options, gOptions_heightFieldID, bitmap.height());
// TODO: set the mimeType field with the data from the codec.
// but how to reuse a set of strings, rather than allocating new one
// each time?
env->SetObjectField(options, gOptions_mimeFieldID,
getMimeTypeString(env, decoder->getFormat()));
if (tileBitmap != NULL) {
return tileBitmap;
JavaPixelAllocator* allocator = (JavaPixelAllocator*) decoder->getAllocator();
int bitmapCreateFlags = 0;
if (!requireUnpremultiplied) bitmapCreateFlags |= GraphicsJNI::kBitmapCreateFlag_Premultiplied;
return GraphicsJNI::createBitmap(env, allocator->getStorageObjAndReset(),
static jint nativeGetHeight(JNIEnv* env, jobject, jlong brdHandle) {
SkBitmapRegionDecoder *brd = reinterpret_cast<SkBitmapRegionDecoder*>(brdHandle);
return static_cast<jint>(brd->getHeight());
static jint nativeGetWidth(JNIEnv* env, jobject, jlong brdHandle) {
SkBitmapRegionDecoder *brd = reinterpret_cast<SkBitmapRegionDecoder*>(brdHandle);
return static_cast<jint>(brd->getWidth());
static void nativeClean(JNIEnv* env, jobject, jlong brdHandle) {
SkBitmapRegionDecoder *brd = reinterpret_cast<SkBitmapRegionDecoder*>(brdHandle);
delete brd;
static JNINativeMethod gBitmapRegionDecoderMethods[] = {
{ "nativeDecodeRegion",
{ "nativeGetHeight", "(J)I", (void*)nativeGetHeight},
{ "nativeGetWidth", "(J)I", (void*)nativeGetWidth},
{ "nativeClean", "(J)V", (void*)nativeClean},
{ "nativeNewInstance",
{ "nativeNewInstance",
{ "nativeNewInstance",
{ "nativeNewInstance",
int register_android_graphics_BitmapRegionDecoder(JNIEnv* env)
return android::RegisterMethodsOrDie(env, "android/graphics/BitmapRegionDecoder",
gBitmapRegionDecoderMethods, NELEM(gBitmapRegionDecoderMethods));