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* Copyright (C) 2007 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <utils/Atomic.h>
#include <utils/Errors.h>
#include <utils/KeyedVector.h>
#include <utils/RefBase.h>
#include <utils/SortedVector.h>
#include <utils/threads.h>
#include <binder/BinderService.h>
#include <binder/IMemory.h>
#include <ui/PixelFormat.h>
#include <surfaceflinger/IGraphicBufferAlloc.h>
#include <surfaceflinger/ISurfaceComposer.h>
#include <surfaceflinger/ISurfaceComposerClient.h>
#include "Barrier.h"
#include "Layer.h"
#include "MessageQueue.h"
namespace android {
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
class Client;
class DisplayHardware;
class FreezeLock;
class Layer;
class LayerDim;
struct surface_flinger_cblk_t;
#define LIKELY( exp ) (__builtin_expect( (exp) != 0, true ))
#define UNLIKELY( exp ) (__builtin_expect( (exp) != 0, false ))
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
class Client : public BnSurfaceComposerClient
Client(const sp<SurfaceFlinger>& flinger);
status_t initCheck() const;
// protected by SurfaceFlinger::mStateLock
size_t attachLayer(const sp<LayerBaseClient>& layer);
void detachLayer(const LayerBaseClient* layer);
sp<LayerBaseClient> getLayerUser(int32_t i) const;
// ISurfaceComposerClient interface
virtual sp<ISurface> createSurface(
surface_data_t* params, const String8& name,
DisplayID display, uint32_t w, uint32_t h,PixelFormat format,
uint32_t flags);
virtual status_t destroySurface(SurfaceID surfaceId);
virtual status_t onTransact(
uint32_t code, const Parcel& data, Parcel* reply, uint32_t flags);
// constant
sp<SurfaceFlinger> mFlinger;
// protected by mLock
DefaultKeyedVector< size_t, wp<LayerBaseClient> > mLayers;
size_t mNameGenerator;
// thread-safe
mutable Mutex mLock;
class GraphicBufferAlloc : public BnGraphicBufferAlloc
virtual ~GraphicBufferAlloc();
virtual sp<GraphicBuffer> createGraphicBuffer(uint32_t w, uint32_t h,
PixelFormat format, uint32_t usage, status_t* error);
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
class GraphicPlane
static status_t orientationToTransfrom(int orientation, int w, int h,
Transform* tr);
bool initialized() const;
void setDisplayHardware(DisplayHardware *);
status_t setOrientation(int orientation);
int getOrientation() const { return mOrientation; }
int getWidth() const;
int getHeight() const;
const DisplayHardware& displayHardware() const;
DisplayHardware& editDisplayHardware();
const Transform& transform() const;
EGLDisplay getEGLDisplay() const;
GraphicPlane(const GraphicPlane&);
GraphicPlane operator = (const GraphicPlane&);
DisplayHardware* mHw;
Transform mGlobalTransform;
Transform mDisplayTransform;
int mOrientation;
float mDisplayWidth;
float mDisplayHeight;
int mWidth;
int mHeight;
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
enum {
eTransactionNeeded = 0x01,
eTraversalNeeded = 0x02
class SurfaceFlinger :
public BinderService<SurfaceFlinger>,
public BnSurfaceComposer,
public IBinder::DeathRecipient,
protected Thread
static char const* getServiceName() { return "SurfaceFlinger"; }
virtual ~SurfaceFlinger();
void init();
virtual status_t onTransact(
uint32_t code, const Parcel& data, Parcel* reply, uint32_t flags);
virtual status_t dump(int fd, const Vector<String16>& args);
// ISurfaceComposer interface
virtual sp<ISurfaceComposerClient> createConnection();
virtual sp<IGraphicBufferAlloc> createGraphicBufferAlloc();
virtual sp<IMemoryHeap> getCblk() const;
virtual void bootFinished();
virtual void setTransactionState(const Vector<ComposerState>& state);
virtual status_t freezeDisplay(DisplayID dpy, uint32_t flags);
virtual status_t unfreezeDisplay(DisplayID dpy, uint32_t flags);
virtual int setOrientation(DisplayID dpy, int orientation, uint32_t flags);
virtual bool authenticateSurface(const sp<ISurface>& surface) const;
virtual status_t captureScreen(DisplayID dpy,
sp<IMemoryHeap>* heap,
uint32_t* width, uint32_t* height,
PixelFormat* format, uint32_t reqWidth, uint32_t reqHeight,
uint32_t minLayerZ, uint32_t maxLayerZ);
virtual status_t turnElectronBeamOff(int32_t mode);
virtual status_t turnElectronBeamOn(int32_t mode);
void screenReleased(DisplayID dpy);
void screenAcquired(DisplayID dpy);
status_t removeLayer(const sp<LayerBase>& layer);
status_t addLayer(const sp<LayerBase>& layer);
status_t invalidateLayerVisibility(const sp<LayerBase>& layer);
void invalidateHwcGeometry();
void destroyLayer(LayerBase const* layer);
sp<Layer> getLayer(const sp<ISurface>& sur) const;
// DeathRecipient interface
virtual void binderDied(const wp<IBinder>& who);
friend class Client;
friend class LayerBase;
friend class LayerBaseClient;
friend class Layer;
friend class LayerDim;
sp<ISurface> createSurface(
ISurfaceComposerClient::surface_data_t* params,
const String8& name,
const sp<Client>& client,
DisplayID display, uint32_t w, uint32_t h, PixelFormat format,
uint32_t flags);
sp<Layer> createNormalSurface(
const sp<Client>& client, DisplayID display,
uint32_t w, uint32_t h, uint32_t flags,
PixelFormat& format);
sp<LayerDim> createDimSurface(
const sp<Client>& client, DisplayID display,
uint32_t w, uint32_t h, uint32_t flags);
status_t removeSurface(const sp<Client>& client, SurfaceID sid);
status_t destroySurface(const wp<LayerBaseClient>& layer);
uint32_t setClientStateLocked(const sp<Client>& client, const layer_state_t& s);
class LayerVector : public SortedVector< sp<LayerBase> > {
LayerVector() { }
LayerVector(const LayerVector& rhs) : SortedVector< sp<LayerBase> >(rhs) { }
virtual int do_compare(const void* lhs, const void* rhs) const {
const sp<LayerBase>& l(*reinterpret_cast<const sp<LayerBase>*>(lhs));
const sp<LayerBase>& r(*reinterpret_cast<const sp<LayerBase>*>(rhs));
// sort layers by Z order
uint32_t lz = l->currentState().z;
uint32_t rz = r->currentState().z;
// then by sequence, so we get a stable ordering
return (lz != rz) ? (lz - rz) : (l->sequence - r->sequence);
struct State {
State() {
orientation = ISurfaceComposer::eOrientationDefault;
freezeDisplay = 0;
LayerVector layersSortedByZ;
uint8_t orientation;
uint8_t orientationType;
uint8_t freezeDisplay;
virtual bool threadLoop();
virtual status_t readyToRun();
virtual void onFirstRef();
public: // hack to work around gcc 4.0.3 bug
const GraphicPlane& graphicPlane(int dpy) const;
GraphicPlane& graphicPlane(int dpy);
void waitForEvent();
public: // hack to work around gcc 4.0.3 bug
void signalEvent();
void handleConsoleEvents();
void handleTransaction(uint32_t transactionFlags);
void handleTransactionLocked(uint32_t transactionFlags);
void handleDestroyLayers();
void computeVisibleRegions(
const LayerVector& currentLayers,
Region& dirtyRegion,
Region& wormholeRegion);
void handlePageFlip();
bool lockPageFlip(const LayerVector& currentLayers);
void unlockPageFlip(const LayerVector& currentLayers);
void handleWorkList();
void handleRepaint();
void postFramebuffer();
void composeSurfaces(const Region& dirty);
ssize_t addClientLayer(const sp<Client>& client,
const sp<LayerBaseClient>& lbc);
status_t addLayer_l(const sp<LayerBase>& layer);
status_t removeLayer_l(const sp<LayerBase>& layer);
status_t purgatorizeLayer_l(const sp<LayerBase>& layer);
uint32_t getTransactionFlags(uint32_t flags);
uint32_t peekTransactionFlags(uint32_t flags);
uint32_t setTransactionFlags(uint32_t flags);
void commitTransaction();
status_t captureScreenImplLocked(DisplayID dpy,
sp<IMemoryHeap>* heap,
uint32_t* width, uint32_t* height, PixelFormat* format,
uint32_t reqWidth, uint32_t reqHeight,
uint32_t minLayerZ, uint32_t maxLayerZ);
status_t turnElectronBeamOffImplLocked(int32_t mode);
status_t turnElectronBeamOnImplLocked(int32_t mode);
status_t electronBeamOffAnimationImplLocked();
status_t electronBeamOnAnimationImplLocked();
status_t renderScreenToTextureLocked(DisplayID dpy,
GLuint* textureName, GLfloat* uOut, GLfloat* vOut);
friend class FreezeLock;
sp<FreezeLock> getFreezeLock() const;
inline void incFreezeCount() {
if (mFreezeCount == 0)
mFreezeDisplayTime = 0;
inline void decFreezeCount() { if (mFreezeCount > 0) mFreezeCount--; }
inline bool hasFreezeRequest() const { return mFreezeDisplay; }
inline bool isFrozen() const {
return (mFreezeDisplay || mFreezeCount>0) && mBootFinished;
void debugFlashRegions();
void debugShowFPS() const;
void drawWormhole() const;
mutable MessageQueue mEventQueue;
status_t postMessageAsync(const sp<MessageBase>& msg,
nsecs_t reltime=0, uint32_t flags = 0);
status_t postMessageSync(const sp<MessageBase>& msg,
nsecs_t reltime=0, uint32_t flags = 0);
// access must be protected by mStateLock
mutable Mutex mStateLock;
State mCurrentState;
volatile int32_t mTransactionFlags;
Condition mTransactionCV;
SortedVector< sp<LayerBase> > mLayerPurgatory;
bool mResizeTransationPending;
// protected by mStateLock (but we could use another lock)
GraphicPlane mGraphicPlanes[1];
bool mLayersRemoved;
DefaultKeyedVector< wp<IBinder>, wp<Layer> > mLayerMap;
// constant members (no synchronization needed for access)
sp<IMemoryHeap> mServerHeap;
surface_flinger_cblk_t* mServerCblk;
GLuint mWormholeTexName;
nsecs_t mBootTime;
// Can only accessed from the main thread, these members
// don't need synchronization
State mDrawingState;
Region mDirtyRegion;
Region mDirtyRegionRemovedLayer;
Region mInvalidRegion;
Region mWormholeRegion;
bool mVisibleRegionsDirty;
bool mHwWorkListDirty;
bool mDeferReleaseConsole;
bool mFreezeDisplay;
int32_t mElectronBeamAnimationMode;
int32_t mFreezeCount;
nsecs_t mFreezeDisplayTime;
Vector< sp<LayerBase> > mVisibleLayersSortedByZ;
// don't use a lock for these, we don't care
int mDebugRegion;
int mDebugBackground;
int mDebugDisableHWC;
volatile nsecs_t mDebugInSwapBuffers;
nsecs_t mLastSwapBufferTime;
volatile nsecs_t mDebugInTransaction;
nsecs_t mLastTransactionTime;
bool mBootFinished;
// these are thread safe
mutable Barrier mReadyToRunBarrier;
// protected by mDestroyedLayerLock;
mutable Mutex mDestroyedLayerLock;
Vector<LayerBase const *> mDestroyedLayers;
// atomic variables
enum {
eConsoleReleased = 1,
eConsoleAcquired = 2
volatile int32_t mConsoleSignals;
// only written in the main thread, only read in other threads
volatile int32_t mSecureFrameBuffer;
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
class FreezeLock : public LightRefBase<FreezeLock> {
SurfaceFlinger* mFlinger;
FreezeLock(SurfaceFlinger* flinger)
: mFlinger(flinger) {
~FreezeLock() {
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
}; // namespace android