MWI,phantom call,Suppl services, error codes

1. IMS MWI Feature
- Add new API to update waiting
voice message count, for UI
propagation based on RFC 3842

2. phantom call support

Supplementary services

3. IMS : Incoming Call Barring
- Modified existing API to support
   request like registration,activation,

4.Unsol supplementary service notification
- send unsol supplementary notification to UI
- add call history info

5. Ims: Originate conference call in DIALING state

6. IMS: Addition of Extras to ImsCallProfile
- Add EXTRA string definitions to ImsCallProfile

7. IMS: Definition of error code
- answered elsewhere
- FDN call failure

- Propagate IMS supplementary services to telephony framework
- Introduce call forwarding history info.

Bug: 21725750
Squash of 2 earlier CLs:
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