Strict SQLiteQueryBuilder needs to be stricter.

Malicious callers can leak side-channel information by using
subqueries in any untrusted inputs where SQLite allows "expr" values.

This change offers setStrictGrammar() to prevent this by outright
blocking subqueries in WHERE and HAVING clauses, and by requiring
that GROUP BY and ORDER BY clauses be composed only of valid columns.

This change also offers setStrictColumns() to require that all
untrusted column names are valid, such as those in ContentValues.

Relaxes to always allow aggregation operators on returned columns,
since untrusted callers can always calculate these manually.

Bug: 135270103, 135269143
Test: cts-tradefed run cts -m CtsDatabaseTestCases -t android.database.sqlite.cts.SQLiteQueryBuilderTest
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