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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
* Copyright (c) 2006, The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
<!-- Amount to offset bottom of notification peek window from top of status bar. -->
<dimen name="peek_window_y_offset">-12dp</dimen>
<!-- thickness (height) of the navigation bar on phones that require it -->
<dimen name="navigation_bar_size">@*android:dimen/navigation_bar_height</dimen>
<!-- Minimum swipe distance to catch the swipe gestures to invoke assist or switch tasks. -->
<dimen name="navigation_bar_min_swipe_distance">48dp</dimen>
<!-- thickness (height) of the dead zone at the top of the navigation bar,
reducing false presses on navbar buttons; approx 2mm -->
<dimen name="navigation_bar_deadzone_size">12dp</dimen>
<!-- size of the dead zone when touches have recently occurred elsewhere on screen -->
<dimen name="navigation_bar_deadzone_size_max">32dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of notification icons in the status bar -->
<dimen name="status_bar_icon_size">@*android:dimen/status_bar_icon_size</dimen>
<!-- Height of the battery icon in the status bar. -->
<dimen name="status_bar_battery_icon_height">14.5dp</dimen>
<!-- Width of the battery icon in the status bar. -->
<dimen name="status_bar_battery_icon_width">9.5dp</dimen>
<!-- The font size for the clock in the status bar. -->
<dimen name="status_bar_clock_size">14sp</dimen>
<!-- The starting padding for the clock in the status bar. -->
<dimen name="status_bar_clock_starting_padding">7dp</dimen>
<!-- The end padding for the clock in the status bar. -->
<dimen name="status_bar_clock_end_padding">0dp</dimen>
<!-- Spacing after the wifi signals that is present if there are any icons following it. -->
<dimen name="status_bar_wifi_signal_spacer_width">4dp</dimen>
<!-- Spacing before the airplane mode icon if there are any icons preceding it. -->
<dimen name="status_bar_airplane_spacer_width">4dp</dimen>
<!-- The amount to scale each of the status bar icons by. A value of 1 means no scaling. -->
<item name="status_bar_icon_scale_factor" format="float" type="dimen">1.0</item>
<!-- max height of a notification such that the content can still fade out when closing -->
<dimen name="max_notification_fadeout_height">100dp</dimen>
<!-- End margin for the RSSI status icon of a device connected via bluetooth. -->
<dimen name="status_bar_connected_device_signal_margin_end">16dp</dimen>
<!-- The size of a bluetooth indicator icon that displays next to the RSSI status icon. -->
<dimen name="status_bar_connected_device_bt_indicator_size">17dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of a small notification in the status bar-->
<dimen name="notification_min_height">92dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of a small notification in the status bar which was used before android N -->
<dimen name="notification_min_height_legacy">64dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of a large notification in the status bar -->
<dimen name="notification_max_height">284dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of a heads up notification in the status bar for legacy custom views -->
<dimen name="notification_max_heads_up_height_legacy">128dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of a heads up notification in the status bar -->
<dimen name="notification_max_heads_up_height">148dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of a the shelf with the notification icons -->
<dimen name="notification_shelf_height">32dp</dimen>
<!-- the padding of the shelf icon container -->
<dimen name="shelf_icon_container_padding">13dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding of a notification icon on top to the start of the notification. Used for custom
views where the distance can't be measured -->
<dimen name="notification_icon_appear_padding">15dp</dimen>
<!-- The amount the content shifts upwards when transforming into the icon -->
<dimen name="notification_icon_transform_content_shift">32dp</dimen>
<!-- Minimum layouted height of a notification in the statusbar-->
<dimen name="min_notification_layout_height">48dp</dimen>
<!-- Width of the space containing the gear icon behind a notification -->
<dimen name="notification_gear_width">64dp</dimen>
<!-- The space around the gear icon displayed behind a notification -->
<dimen name="notification_gear_padding">20dp</dimen>
<!-- size at which Notification icons will be drawn in the status bar -->
<dimen name="status_bar_icon_drawing_size">17dp</dimen>
<!-- opacity at which Notification icons will be drawn in the status bar -->
<item type="dimen" name="status_bar_icon_drawing_alpha">90%</item>
<!-- gap on either side of status bar notification icons -->
<dimen name="status_bar_icon_padding">0dp</dimen>
<!-- the padding on the start of the statusbar -->
<dimen name="status_bar_padding_start">6dp</dimen>
<!-- the radius of the overflow dot in the status bar -->
<dimen name="overflow_dot_radius">1dp</dimen>
<!-- the padding between dots in the icon overflow -->
<dimen name="overflow_icon_dot_padding">3dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding on the global screenshot background image -->
<dimen name="global_screenshot_bg_padding">20dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of the view containing navigation buttons -->
<dimen name="navigation_key_width">70dp</dimen>
<dimen name="navigation_key_padding">0dp</dimen>
<dimen name="navigation_key_width_sw600dp_land">162dp</dimen>
<dimen name="navigation_key_padding_sw600dp_land">42dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of the view containing the menu/ime navigation bar icons -->
<dimen name="navigation_extra_key_width">36dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding on the side of the navigation bar. Must be greater than or equal to
navigation_extra_key_width -->
<dimen name="navigation_side_padding">36dp</dimen>
<!-- Default distance beyond which snaps to the matching target -->
<dimen name="navbar_search_snap_margin">40dip</dimen>
<!-- Diameter of outer shape drawable shown in navbar search-->
<dimen name="navbar_search_outerring_diameter">340dp</dimen>
<!-- Diameter of outer shape drawable shown in navbar search. Should be 1/2 of above value -->
<dimen name="navbar_search_outerring_radius">170dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of search panel including navigation bar height -->
<dimen name="navbar_search_panel_height">230dip</dimen>
<!-- Height of the draggable handle at the bottom of the phone notification panel -->
<dimen name="close_handle_height">36dp</dimen>
<!-- Amount of close_handle that will NOT overlap the notification list -->
<dimen name="close_handle_underlap">32dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of the status bar header bar -->
<dimen name="status_bar_header_height">104dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of the status bar header bar when expanded -->
<dimen name="status_bar_header_height_expanded">116dp</dimen>
<!-- Height of the status bar header bar when on Keyguard -->
<dimen name="status_bar_header_height_keyguard">40dp</dimen>
<!-- Margin start of the system icons super container -->
<dimen name="system_icons_super_container_margin_start">16dp</dimen>
<!-- Margin end of the system icons super container when the avatar is missing. -->
<dimen name="system_icons_super_container_avatarless_margin_end">6dp</dimen>
<!-- Width for the notification panel and related windows -->
<dimen name="match_parent">-1px</dimen>
<dimen name="standard_notification_panel_width">416dp</dimen>
<dimen name="notification_panel_width">@dimen/match_parent</dimen>
<dimen name="volume_dialog_panel_width">@dimen/standard_notification_panel_width</dimen>
<!-- Gravity for the notification panel -->
<integer name="standard_notification_panel_layout_gravity">0x31</integer><!-- top|center_horizontal -->
<integer name="notification_panel_layout_gravity">0x37</integer><!-- fill_horizontal|top -->
<!-- Height of the carrier/wifi name label -->
<dimen name="carrier_label_height">24dp</dimen>
<!-- The distance you can pull a notification before it pops open -->
<dimen name="one_finger_pop_limit">0dp</dimen>
<!-- Minimum fraction of the screen that should be taken up by the notification panel.
Not used at this screen size. -->
<item type="dimen" name="notification_panel_min_height_frac">0%</item>
<dimen name="blinds_pop_threshold">0dp</dimen>
<!-- The size of the gesture span needed to activate the "pull" notification expansion -->
<dimen name="pull_span_min">25dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_height">88dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_margin">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_margin_top">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_quick_tile_size">48dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_quick_tile_padding">12dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_header_gear_translation">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_page_indicator_width">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_page_indicator_height">8dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_icon_size">24dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_text_size">12sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_divider_height">1dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_panel_padding">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_dual_tile_height">112dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_dual_tile_padding_vertical">8dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_dual_tile_padding_horizontal">6dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_padding_top">14dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_padding_top_large_text">4dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_padding_below_icon">12dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_padding_bottom">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_tile_spacing">4dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_panel_padding_bottom">8dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_header_height">56dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_header_padding">0dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_header_bottom_padding">0dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_image_width">56dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_image_height">56dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_image_padding">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_item_height">48dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_brightness_padding_top">6dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_header_text_size">20sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_button_text_size">14sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_item_primary_text_size">16sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_item_secondary_text_size">14sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_empty_text_size">14sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_margin_top">28dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_back_margin_end">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_header_text_padding">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_data_usage_text_size">14sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_data_usage_usage_text_size">36sp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_battery_padding">2dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_padding_start">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_items_padding_top">4dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_item_icon_size">24dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_item_icon_marginStart">0dp</dimen>
<dimen name="qs_detail_item_icon_marginEnd">20dp</dimen>
<!-- Desired qs icon overlay size. -->
<dimen name="qs_detail_icon_overlay_size">24dp</dimen>
<dimen name="segmented_button_spacing">0dp</dimen>
<dimen name="borderless_button_radius">2dp</dimen>
<dimen name="restricted_padlock_pading">4dp</dimen>
<!-- How far the expanded QS panel peeks from the header in collapsed state. -->
<dimen name="qs_peek_height">0dp</dimen>
<!-- Zen mode panel: condition item button padding -->
<dimen name="zen_mode_condition_detail_button_padding">8dp</dimen>
<!-- Zen mode panel: spacing between condition items -->
<dimen name="zen_mode_condition_detail_item_spacing">12dp</dimen>
<!-- Zen mode panel: spacing between two-line condition upper and lower lines -->
<dimen name="zen_mode_condition_detail_item_interline_spacing">4dp</dimen>
<!-- Zen mode panel: bottom padding, a bit less than qs_panel_padding -->
<dimen name="zen_mode_condition_detail_bottom_padding">4dp</dimen>
<!-- used by DessertCase -->
<dimen name="dessert_case_cell_size">192dp</dimen>
<!-- Default glow radius for GlowPadView -->
<dimen name="glowpadview_glow_radius">75dip</dimen>
<!-- Default distance from each snap target that GlowPadView considers a "hit" -->
<dimen name="glowpadview_inner_radius">15dip</dimen>
<!-- bottom_stack_peek_amount + notification_min_height
+ notification_collapse_second_card_padding -->
<dimen name="min_stack_height">104dp</dimen>
<!-- Z distance between notifications if they are in the stack -->
<dimen name="z_distance_between_notifications">0.5dp</dimen>
<!-- The height of the divider between the individual notifications. -->
<dimen name="notification_divider_height">0.5dp</dimen>
<!-- The height of a notification header -->
<dimen name="notification_header_height">53dp</dimen>
<!-- The height of the divider between the individual notifications when the notification wants it to be increased. This is currently the case for notification groups -->
<dimen name="notification_divider_height_increased">6dp</dimen>
<!-- The minimum amount of top overscroll to go to the quick settings. -->
<dimen name="min_top_overscroll_to_qs">36dp</dimen>
<!-- The height of the speed bump view. -->
<dimen name="speed_bump_height">16dp</dimen>
<!-- Lockscreen unlocking falsing threshold. -->
<dimen name="unlock_falsing_threshold">80dp</dimen>
<!-- Lockscreen falsing threshold for quick settings. -->
<dimen name="qs_falsing_threshold">60dp</dimen>
<!-- Falsing threshold used when dismissing notifications from the lockscreen. -->
<dimen name="swipe_helper_falsing_threshold">70dp</dimen>
<!-- Minimum distance the user has to drag down to go to the full shade. -->
<dimen name="keyguard_drag_down_min_distance">100dp</dimen>
<!-- The fraction of the screen height where the clock on the Keyguard has its center. The
max value is used when no notifications are displaying, and the min value is when the
highest possible number of notifications are showing. -->
<fraction name="keyguard_clock_y_fraction_max">32.5%</fraction>
<fraction name="keyguard_clock_y_fraction_min">19.8%</fraction>
<!-- The margin between the clock and the notifications on Keyguard. See
keyguard_clock_height_fraction_* for the difference between min and max.-->
<dimen name="keyguard_clock_notifications_margin_min">30dp</dimen>
<dimen name="keyguard_clock_notifications_margin_max">42dp</dimen>
<dimen name="heads_up_scrim_height">250dp</dimen>
<!-- The minimum amount the user needs to swipe to go to the camera / phone. -->
<dimen name="keyguard_min_swipe_amount">110dp</dimen>
<!-- The minimum background radius when swiping to a side for the camera / phone affordances. -->
<dimen name="keyguard_affordance_min_background_radius">30dp</dimen>
<!-- The size of the touch targets on the keyguard for the affordances. -->
<dimen name="keyguard_affordance_touch_target_size">120dp</dimen>
<!-- The grow amount for the camera and phone circles when hinting -->
<dimen name="hint_grow_amount_sideways">60dp</dimen>
<!-- Distance between notifications and header when they are considered to be colliding. -->
<dimen name="header_notifications_collide_distance">48dp</dimen>
<!-- Distance the user needs to drag vertically such that a swipe is accepted to unlock the
device. -->
<dimen name="unlock_move_distance">75dp</dimen>
<!-- Distance after which the scrim starts fading in when dragging down the quick settings -->
<dimen name="notification_scrim_wait_distance">100dp</dimen>
<!-- Move distance for the unlock hint animation on the lockscreen -->
<dimen name="hint_move_distance">75dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of the region on the left/right edge of the screen for performing the camera/
phone hints. -->
<dimen name="edge_tap_area_width">48dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding between notification children when collapsed -->
<dimen name="notification_children_padding">4dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding on top of the first notification to the children container -->
<dimen name="notification_children_container_top_padding">8dp</dimen>
<!-- end margin for multi user switch in expanded quick settings -->
<dimen name="multi_user_switch_expanded_margin">8dp</dimen>
<!-- end margin for multi user switch in collapsed quick settings -->
<dimen name="multi_user_switch_collapsed_margin">13dp</dimen>
<!-- end margin for multi user switch in collapsed quick settings -->
<dimen name="multi_user_switch_keyguard_margin">3dp</dimen>
<!-- end margin for system icons if multi user switch is hidden -->
<dimen name="system_icons_switcher_hidden_expanded_margin">16dp</dimen>
<!-- The thickness of the colored border around the current user. -->
<dimen name="keyguard_user_switcher_border_thickness">2dp</dimen>
<dimen name="data_usage_graph_marker_width">4dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding bottom of the clock group when QS is expanded. -->
<dimen name="clock_expanded_bottom_margin">20dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding bottom of the clock group when QS is collapsed. -->
<dimen name="clock_collapsed_bottom_margin">10dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding bottom of the clock group when QS is collapsed for large text -->
<dimen name="clock_collapsed_bottom_margin_large_text">6dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of the multi user switch on keyguard and collapsed QS header. -->
<dimen name="multi_user_switch_width_collapsed">34dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of the multi user switch in expanded QS header. -->
<dimen name="multi_user_switch_width_expanded">48dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of user avatar when on Keyguard -->
<dimen name="multi_user_switch_width_keyguard">34dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of user avatar when collapsed -->
<dimen name="multi_user_avatar_collapsed_size">22dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of user avatar when on Keyguard -->
<dimen name="multi_user_avatar_keyguard_size">22dp</dimen>
<!-- The width of user avatar when expanded -->
<dimen name="multi_user_avatar_expanded_size">24dp</dimen>
<!-- The font size of the time when collapsed in QS -->
<dimen name="qs_time_collapsed_size">14sp</dimen>
<!-- The font size of the time when expanded in QS -->
<dimen name="qs_time_expanded_size">20sp</dimen>
<!-- The font size of the "emergency calls only" label in QS -->
<dimen name="qs_emergency_calls_only_text_size">12sp</dimen>
<!-- The font size of the date in QS -->
<dimen name="qs_date_collapsed_size">14sp</dimen>
<!-- Amount the date/time move when emergency calls only is present -->
<dimen name="qs_date_time_translation">8dp</dimen>
<!-- Battery level text padding end when in expanded QS and on Keyguard -->
<dimen name="battery_level_padding_end">2dp</dimen>
<!-- The top padding of the clear all button -->
<dimen name="clear_all_padding_top">12dp</dimen>
<!-- Largest size an avatar might need to be drawn in the user picker, status bar, or
quick settings header -->
<dimen name="max_avatar_size">48dp</dimen>
<!-- Size of user icon + frame in the qs/keyguard user picker (incl. frame) -->
<dimen name="framed_avatar_size">54dp</dimen>
<!-- Margin on the left side of the carrier text on Keyguard -->
<dimen name="keyguard_carrier_text_margin">16dp</dimen>
<!-- Margin on the left side of the battery % in the header. -->
<dimen name="header_battery_margin_expanded">6dp</dimen>
<!-- Margin on the left side of the battery % when on Keyguard. -->
<dimen name="header_battery_margin_keyguard">6dp</dimen>
<!-- Margin on the right side of the system icon group on Keyguard. -->
<dimen name="system_icons_keyguard_padding_end">4dp</dimen>
<!-- Additional translation (downwards) for appearing notifications when going to the full shade
from Keyguard. -->
<dimen name="go_to_full_shade_appearing_translation">200dp</dimen>
<!-- The diameter of the search panel circle. -->
<dimen name="assist_orb_size">144dp</dimen>
<!-- The margin to the edge of the screen from where the orb starts to appear -->
<dimen name="assist_orb_base_margin">22dp</dimen>
<!-- The amount the orb translates when appearing -->
<dimen name="assist_orb_travel_distance">26dp</dimen>
<!-- The elevation of the orb -->
<dimen name="assist_orb_elevation">12dp</dimen>
<!-- The height of the scrim behind the orb. -->
<dimen name="assist_orb_scrim_height">250dp</dimen>
<!-- The height of the scrim behind the search panel circle. Should be navigation_bar_height
+ 8dp. -->
<dimen name="assist_orb_navbar_scrim_height">56dp</dimen>
<!-- The width/height of the phone/camera/unlock icon view on keyguard. -->
<dimen name="keyguard_affordance_height">56dp</dimen>
<dimen name="keyguard_affordance_width">56dp</dimen>
<!-- The width/height of the phone/camera/unlock icon drawable on keyguard. -->
<dimen name="keyguard_affordance_icon_height">24dp</dimen>
<dimen name="keyguard_affordance_icon_width">24dp</dimen>
<dimen name="keyguard_indication_margin_bottom">65dp</dimen>
<!-- The text size for battery level -->
<dimen name="battery_level_text_size">12sp</dimen>
<!-- TrustDrawable: Minimum inner radius of the breathing animation -->
<dimen name="trust_circle_inner_radius_visible_min">22dp</dimen>
<!-- TrustDrawable: Maximum inner radius of the breathing animation -->
<dimen name="trust_circle_inner_radius_visible_max">24dp</dimen>
<!-- TrustDrawable: Inner radius at the end of the exit animation -->
<dimen name="trust_circle_inner_radius_exit">38dp</dimen>
<!-- TrustDrawable: Inner radius at the beginning of the enter animation -->
<dimen name="trust_circle_inner_radius_enter">18dp</dimen>
<!-- TrustDrawable: Thickness of the circle -->
<dimen name="trust_circle_thickness">2dp</dimen>
<!-- Margin on the right side of the system icon group on Keyguard. -->
<fraction name="battery_button_height_fraction">10.5%</fraction>
<!-- Fraction value to smooth the edges of the battery icon. The path will be inset by this
fraction of a pixel.-->
<fraction name="battery_subpixel_smoothing_left">0%</fraction>
<fraction name="battery_subpixel_smoothing_right">0%</fraction>
<dimen name="battery_margin_bottom">0dp</dimen>
<!-- Padding at the end of the view that displays the mobile signal icons. If the view is
empty, then this padding will not be added to that view. -->
<dimen name="mobile_signal_group_end_padding">0dp</dimen>
<!-- Padding between the mobile data type and the strength indicator. -->
<dimen name="mobile_data_icon_start_padding">0dp</dimen>
<!-- Extra padding between the mobile data type icon and the strength indicator when the data
type icon is wide. -->
<dimen name="wide_type_icon_start_padding">2dp</dimen>
<!-- Extra padding between multiple phone signal icons. -->
<dimen name="secondary_telephony_padding">2dp</dimen>
<!-- Extra padding between the mobile data type icon and the strength indicator when the data
type icon is wide for the tile in quick settings. -->
<dimen name="wide_type_icon_start_padding_qs">3dp</dimen>
<!-- The maximum width of the navigation bar ripples. -->
<dimen name="key_button_ripple_max_width">95dp</dimen>
<!-- Inset shadow for FakeShadowDrawable. It is used to avoid gaps between the card
and the shadow. -->
<dimen name="fake_shadow_inset">1dp</dimen>
<dimen name="fake_shadow_size">8dp</dimen>
<!-- Starting margin before the signal cluster -->
<dimen name="signal_cluster_margin_start">2.5dp</dimen>
<!-- Padding between signal cluster and battery icon -->
<dimen name="signal_cluster_battery_padding">7dp</dimen>
<!-- Padding for signal cluster and battery icon when there are not icons in signal cluster -->
<dimen name="no_signal_cluster_battery_padding">3dp</dimen>
<!-- Screen pinning request width -->
<dimen name="screen_pinning_request_width">@dimen/match_parent</dimen>
<!-- Screen pinning request nav button circle heights -->
<dimen name="screen_pinning_request_button_height">66dp</dimen>
<!-- Screen pinning request nav button circle widths -->
<dimen name="screen_pinning_request_button_width">84dp</dimen>
<!-- Screen pinning request padding on top of inner circle -->
<dimen name="screen_pinning_request_inner_padding">14dp</dimen>
<!-- Screen pinning request padding on top of icons -->
<dimen name="screen_pinning_request_nav_icon_padding">18dp</dimen>
<!-- Screen pinning request padding on side of icons
(makes the width match the nav bar)-->
<dimen name="screen_pinning_request_nav_side_padding">7dp</dimen>
<!-- Screen pinning request side views to match nav bar
navigation_side_padding - 3 / 2 * (screen_pinning_request_button_width
- navigation_key_width) -->
<dimen name="screen_pinning_request_side_width">34dp</dimen>
<!-- Screen pinning request controls padding on bigger screens -->
<dimen name="screen_pinning_request_frame_padding">0dp</dimen>
<!-- Screen pinning inner nav bar circle size -->
<dimen name="screen_pinning_nav_highlight_size">56dp</dimen>
<!-- Screen pinning inner nav bar outer circle size -->
<dimen name="screen_pinning_nav_highlight_outer_size">84dp</dimen>
<!-- Padding to be used on the bottom of the fingerprint icon on Keyguard so it better aligns
with the other icons. -->
<dimen name="fingerprint_icon_additional_padding">4dp</dimen>
<!-- Minimum margin of the notification panel on the side, when being positioned dynamically -->
<dimen name="notification_panel_min_side_margin">48dp</dimen>
<!-- Vertical spacing between multiple volume slider rows -->
<dimen name="volume_slider_interspacing">8dp</dimen>
<!-- Volume dialog vertical offset from the top of the screen -->
<dimen name="volume_offset_top">0dp</dimen>
<!-- Standard image button size for volume dialog buttons -->
<dimen name="volume_button_size">48dp</dimen>
<!-- Volume dialog root view bottom margin, at rest -->
<dimen name="volume_dialog_margin_bottom">4dp</dimen>
<dimen name="volume_dialog_collapsed_padding_top">8dp</dimen>
<dimen name="volume_dialog_expanded_spacer">14dp</dimen>
<dimen name="volume_dialog_padding_end">40dp</dimen>
<dimen name="volume_row_padding_bottom">9.4dp</dimen>
<dimen name="volume_row_padding_start">4dp</dimen>
<dimen name="volume_row_header_padding_start">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="volume_row_height">64dp</dimen>
<dimen name="volume_row_slider_height">48dp</dimen>
<dimen name="volume_row_slider_padding_start">12dp</dimen>
<dimen name="volume_expander_margin_end">2dp</dimen>
<dimen name="volume_expander_margin_top">6dp</dimen>
<!-- Padding between icon and text for managed profile toast -->
<dimen name="managed_profile_toast_padding">4dp</dimen>
<!-- Thickness of the assist disclosure beams -->
<dimen name="assist_disclosure_thickness">2.5dp</dimen>
<!-- Thickness of the shadows of the assist disclosure beams -->
<dimen name="assist_disclosure_shadow_thickness">1.5dp</dimen>
<dimen name="fab_size">56dp</dimen>
<dimen name="fab_margin">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="fab_elevation">12dp</dimen>
<dimen name="fab_press_translation_z">9dp</dimen>
<!-- How high we lift the divider when touching -->
<dimen name="docked_stack_divider_lift_elevation">4dp</dimen>
<dimen name="docked_divider_handle_width">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="docked_divider_handle_height">2dp</dimen>
<dimen name="battery_height">14.5dp</dimen>
<dimen name="battery_width">9.5dp</dimen>
<dimen name="battery_detail_graph_space_top">27dp</dimen>
<dimen name="battery_detail_graph_space_bottom">27dp</dimen>
<!-- Keyboard shortcuts helper -->
<dimen name="ksh_layout_width">@dimen/match_parent</dimen>
<dimen name="ksh_item_text_size">14sp</dimen>
<dimen name="ksh_item_padding">4dp</dimen>
<dimen name="ksh_item_margin_start">4dp</dimen>
<!-- Recents Layout -->
<!-- The amount to inset the stack, specifically at the top and the other sides. We also
don't want this to change across configurations that Recents can be opened in, so we
define them statically for all display sizes. -->
<dimen name="recents_layout_min_margin">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_top_margin_phone">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_top_margin_tablet">32dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_top_margin_tablet_xlarge">40dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_bottom_margin">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_side_margin_phone">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_side_margin_tablet">48dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_side_margin_tablet_docked">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_side_margin_tablet_xlarge">64dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_side_margin_tablet_xlarge_docked">16dp</dimen>
<!-- The height between the top margin and the top of the focused task. -->
<dimen name="recents_layout_top_peek_size">48dp</dimen>
<!-- The height between the bottom margin and the top of task in front of the focused task. -->
<dimen name="recents_layout_bottom_peek_size">56dp</dimen>
<!-- The offset from the top and bottom of the stack of the focused task. The bottom offset
will be additionally offset by the bottom system insets since it goes under the nav bar
in certain orientations. -->
<dimen name="recents_layout_initial_top_offset_phone_port">128dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_initial_bottom_offset_phone_port">80dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_initial_top_offset_phone_land">72dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_initial_bottom_offset_phone_land">72dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_initial_top_offset_tablet">160dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_initial_bottom_offset_tablet">112dp</dimen>
<!-- The min/max translationZ for the tasks in the stack. -->
<dimen name="recents_layout_z_min">3dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_layout_z_max">24dp</dimen>
<!-- The margin between the freeform and stack. We also don't want this to change across
configurations that Recents can be opened in, so we define them statically for all
display sizes. -->
<dimen name="recents_freeform_layout_bottom_margin">16dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding between each freeform task. -->
<dimen name="recents_freeform_layout_task_padding">8dp</dimen>
<!-- Recents Views -->
<!-- The height of a task view bar. This has to be large enough to cover the action bar
height in either orientation at this smallest width. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_header_height">56dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_task_view_header_height_tablet_land">64dp</dimen>
<!-- The padding of a button in the recents task view header. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_header_button_padding">16dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_task_view_header_button_padding_tablet_land">20dp</dimen>
<!-- The radius of the rounded corners on a task view and its shadow (which can be larger
to create a softer corner effect. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_rounded_corners_radius">2dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_task_view_shadow_rounded_corners_radius">6dp</dimen>
<!-- The amount of highlight to make on each task view. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_highlight">1dp</dimen>
<!-- The size of the lock-to-app button and its icon. -->
<dimen name="recents_lock_to_app_size">56dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_lock_to_app_icon_size">28dp</dimen>
<!-- The amount of overscroll allowed when flinging to the end of the stack. -->
<dimen name="recents_fling_overscroll_distance">24dp</dimen>
<!-- The size of the drag hint text. -->
<dimen name="recents_drag_hint_text_size">14sp</dimen>
<!-- The min alpha to apply to a task affiliation group color. -->
<item name="recents_task_affiliation_color_min_alpha_percentage" format="float" type="dimen">0.6</item>
<!-- The amount to offset when animating into an affiliate group. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_stack_animation_affiliate_enter_offset">32dp</dimen>
<!-- The offsets the tasks animate from when recents is launched while docking -->
<dimen name="recents_task_stack_animation_launched_while_docking_offset">144dp</dimen>
<!-- The amount to translate when animating the removal of a task. -->
<dimen name="recents_task_view_remove_anim_translation_x">100dp</dimen>
<!-- The alpha to apply to the recents row when it doesn't have focus -->
<item name="recents_recents_row_dim_alpha" format="float" type="dimen">0.5</item>
<!-- The size of the PIP dismiss target. -->
<dimen name="pip_dismiss_target_size">48dp</dimen>
<!-- Values specific to grid-based recents. -->
<!-- Margins around recent tasks. -->
<dimen name="recents_grid_margin_left">15dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_grid_margin_top">70dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_grid_margin_right">15dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_grid_margin_bottom">90dp</dimen>
<!-- Margins around the "Clear all" button. -->
<dimen name="recents_grid_clear_all_margin_left">0dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_grid_clear_all_margin_top">30dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_grid_clear_all_margin_right">15dp</dimen>
<dimen name="recents_grid_clear_all_margin_bottom">0dp</dimen>
<!-- Padding in between task views. -->
<dimen name="recents_grid_inter_task_padding">15dp</dimen>