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 <a href="{@docRoot}sdk/installing/studio-build.html">Build System</a> guide.</p>
 <p>To view the list of all available build tasks in Android Studio, click <strong>Gradle</strong>
-on the right side of the IDE window. The <em>Gradle tasks</em> panel appears as shown in
-figure 2. Double-click any build task to run it in Android Studio. To hide the <em>Gradle tasks</em>
-panel, click <strong>Gradle</strong> again.</p>
+on the right side of the IDE window. The <em>Gradle tasks</em> panel appears.</p>
-<img src="{@docRoot}images/tools/studio-gradle-panel.png" alt="" />
-<p class="img-caption"><strong>Figure 2.</strong> The list of build tasks in Android Studio.</p>
 <h3 id="buildRelease">Build a release version</h3>
-<p>You can now build the release version of your application for distribution. To build it from Android
-    <li>Click <strong>Gradle</strong> on the right side of the IDE window.</li>
-    <li>On the <em>All tasks</em> section of the sidebar that appears, expand
-        <strong>BuildSystemExample</strong>.</li>
-    <li>Expand <strong>:app</strong> and double-click <strong>assembleRelease</strong>.</li>
-<p>You can use this procedure to invoke any build task from Android Studio.</p>
+<p>You can now use the <strong>Build</strong> menu options to build the release version of your
+application for distribution. </p>
 <p>The build generates an APK for each build variant:
 the <code>app/build/apk/</code> directory contains packages named
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-<p>To build this example, invoke the <code>assemble</code> task from Android Studio or from the
-command line.</p>
+<p>To build this example, click the <strong>Build</strong> menu option in Android Studio or invoke
+the <code>assemble</code> task from the command line. </p>
+<p class="note"><strong>Note:</strong> The <strong>Build &gt; Make Project</strong> option compiles
+all the source files in the entire project that have been modified since the last compilation. The
+<strong>Build &gt; Rebuild Project</strong> option recomplies all the source files in the project.</p>
 <p>Separate output folders are created for each build variant. </p>
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 <li><a href="{@docRoot}sdk/installing/studio-build.html">
 Build System Overview</a></li>
 <li><a href="{@docRoot}tools/building/index.html">
-Buidling and Running</a></li>
+Building and Running</a></li>
 <li><a href="{@docRoot}tools/building/building-studio.html">
 Building and Running from Android Studio</a></li>
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    <dd><p>Performs the clean.</p></dd>
-<p>The Android plugin provides additional tasks for <em>connectedCheck</em> and <em>deviceCheck</em>
+<p>The Android plugin provides the <em>connectedCheck</em> and <em>deviceCheck</em> tasks
 for checks run on connected, emulated, and remote devices. Gradle tasks can be viewed by clicking
-the Gradle tab</a> in the right margin.
-<img src="{@docRoot}images/tools/studio-gradle-tab.png"></p>
-<p class="img-caption"><strong>Figure 1:</strong> Gradle tab</p>
-<p>Running a top-level task, runs all the dependent tasks. For example, the <em>assemble</em> task
-has dependent tasks for <em>assembleDebug</em> and <em>assembleRelease</em> to make the debug and
-release APKs. The <em>assemble</em> task depends on these tasks so calling it builds both APKs.
-These tasks can also be called independently to build the debug or release APK separately. </p>
+the Gradle tab</a> in the right margin.</p>
 <p>You can view the list of available tasks and invoke any task from Android Studio and from
 the command line, as described in