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+<p>Welcome to code samples for Android developers. Here you can browse sample code
+  and learn how to build different components for your applications. Use the categories on the left
+  to browse the available samples.</p>
+<p>Each sample is a fully functioning Android app. You can browse the resources, source files and
+  see the overall project structure. You can copy and paste the code you need, and if you want to
+  share a link to a specific line you can double-click it to the get the url.</p>
+<p>If you want to download a complete project, just click on any source file in the project and
+  click the link in the upper right of the source page.</p>
+<p class="note">
+  <strong>Note:</strong> At this time, the downloadable projects are designed for use with Gradle
+    and Android Studio. Project downloads for Eclipse will be available soon!
+<p>To import a downloaded project into <a href="{@docRoot}sdk/installing/studio.html">Android
+  Studio</a>:</p>
+  <li>Unpack the downloaded project package.</li>
+  <li>In Android Studio, chose <strong>File > Import Project</strong> and select root folder of
+  the unpacked project.
+    <p>Android Studio may ask you to choose the type of project you are importing.
+      If this is the case, make sure to choose <strong>Import project from
+      external model</strong> and the <strong>Gradle</strong> option.
+    </p>
+  </li>
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