Revert "Revert "SystemServer: Dynamically load wifi-service"

Revert submission 10144846-revert-10103769-load_wifi_service_dynamically-XZNQJHXURR

Reason for revert: Changes in build system to store uncompressed and aligned DEX files for java libs in APEXes.

Reverted Changes:
Icc0b680c2: Revert "SystemServer: Dynamically load wifi-servic...
I83a2f93e3: Revert "product: Remove wifi-service off SystemSer...

Bug: 148099857
Bug: 162371380
Bug: 162746981
Test: Compiles
Change-Id: I6c3f36873cae476dc76fd353d20fb6bd2c177f0b
(cherry picked from commit 2c17b6690f84c3eabfdc7ef6301571d860448d92)
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