Complete implementation of the advanced print options.

1. Implemented the advanced printer options integration. Now a print service
    may declare an advanced print options activity which may be launched by
    the user if the current printer supports advanced print options. These options
    are visible only to the print service that added them and it is the only party
    that will interpret the options.

2. Fixed a couple of bugs in the saved print jobs parsing. One was that if there
    are more than one page range, a half of the print job properties was not
    properly parsed. The other was that the media size constructor was using
    incorrect argument order, thus creating a media size with wring width.

3. Fixed and edge case where old print jobs and their docs can get stuck in
    the spooler. If the app did not write the requested pages we were not showing
    an error message, rather just finish the activity without canceling the print
    job and this print job is stuck in the spooler. Now we show an error message
    and the user may retry, cancel. If the user cancels the print job is also
    cancelled, thus no leftover in the spooler.

4. Fixed the background color of the print dialog to meet UX spec.


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