Window manager performance tests


To reduce the variance of the test, if (platform_testing/scripts/perf-setup) is available, it is better to use the following instructions to lock CPU and GPU frequencies.

m perf-setup
adb shell chmod +x $PERF_SETUP_PATH
adb shell $PERF_SETUP_PATH

Example to run

Use atest

atest WmPerfTests:RelayoutPerfTest -- \
      --module-arg WmPerfTests:instrumentation-arg:kill-bg:=true

Use am instrument

adb shell am instrument -w -r -e class android.wm.RelayoutPerfTest \
          -e listener android.wm.WmPerfRunListener \
          -e kill-bg true \

  • kill-bg is optional.

Test arguments

  • kill-bg
    • boolean: Kill background process before running test.
  • profiling-iterations
    • int: Run the extra iterations with enabling method profiling.
  • profiling-sampling
    • int: The interval (0=trace each method, default is 10) of sample profiling in microseconds.