[DO NOT MERGE] Return correct offsets for getAttributeRange()

Cherry-picked from ag/9745767

Currently, the offset value returned from getAttributeRange() does
not take into account the offset to the EXIF data within the image
file. This CL fixes the code to return the correct offsets.

The existing test code could not detect this issue because it does
not explicitly seek to the given offset and retrieve/compare the
data. This CL also adds test code to do this. Make tag information
is also added because all test files have this information, while only
a select few have thumbnail/GPS tag information.

This CL also fixes a bug where the thumbnail offset was not being
updated if the data was passed with StripOffsets tag.

Bug: 143118731, Bug: 143663411
Test: atest ExifInterfaceTest
Change-Id: I94c3438020d1091a8829a96e1b0a5ef4193d9dc9
(cherry picked from commit e6e97865f3f3965915c5fd45554e207ffad6111f)
1 file changed