Cherry pick TextureView fixes

The following changes are in this commit:

Avoid destroying TextureView surfaces for onStop


TextureViews will hold onto their backing surfaces, which will allow
them to resume gracefully when the app's surfaces are saved.

Now only resources that are destroyed for onStop are DisplayLists.

(cherry picked from commit 391d560402c2902e0fd701f99eabd91025154201)

TextureView: destroy layer on destroyHardwareResources event


(cherry picked from commit 1c16c37d8646ed25e844af8472eede988ad0c2f0)

Fix NPE in TextureView

Bug: 30651595

(cherry picked from commit 3c2587f26eed32a8723488131d1d8940dc147ee1)

Fix NPE in TextureView

Bug: 30779663

(cherry picked from commit 7e237189c292cdb886733eb95c6069b7ac002527)

Fix maps resume being blank

Bug: 30889568

Fixes an issue where mLayer didn't have
the mSurface set on it in certain resume

(cherry picked from commit 03df0834e63b587dbfb8fdcd0086e3e1e72b9f9d)
(cherry picked from commit 2e8a8a24320fac0eedfdfb4151068499bb6b00cd)
1 file changed