Fix PermissionMonitor issues

PermissionMonitor#hasPermission only checks permssions that app
requested but it doesn't check whether the permission can be
granted to this app. If requested permission doens't be granted
to app, this method still returns that app has this permission.
Then PermissionMonitor will pass this info to netd that means
this app still can use network even restricted network without
granted privileged permission like CONNECTIVITY_INTERNAL or

PermissionMonitor#hasUseBackgroundNetworksPermission only uses
the first package name of the uid for checking permission.
This is incorrect since each package declared different
permissions. So using the mApps which already checked both
network and using restricted network permissions. If uid is in
the mApps list that means uid has one of permission at least.

Bug: 144679405
Test: Build, flash, manual test
      atest FrameworksNetTests

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