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This Android service measures CPU usage of a program and an underlying system service it relies on.
An example of this would be an android app XYZ communicates to some other device via Bluetooth. The
SvcMonitor service can monitor the CPU usage of XYZ and
To start the service:
$ adb shell am startservice -a start \
-e java XYZ -e hal \
To stop the service:
$ adb shell am startservice -a stop \
To stop the service config:
$ adb shell am startservice -a change \
-e java NewName -e hal NewService \
To monitor the data:
$ adb logcat | grep XYZ
-e java NameOfProgram: any running processs name.
-e hal NameOfSysService: name of the system service the previous process relies on.
--ei period: period between each measurement (frequency). Unit: ms, Default:1000, Min: 100