Fix race condition in QSTileHost

QSTileHost had three problems that caused a race condition:
 * Calls to add/remove tiles could come and be executed in any thread.
 * Different paths to add/remove tiles used different ground truths on
   what tiles were currently active.
 * The list of tiles contained in mTileSpecs was not necessarily the
   same as the visible tiles.

This caused the following problem:
 * If two tiles (usually CustomTile) were removed roughly at the same
   time, only one of them would actually be removed from the Setting, as
   both of them would race to remove from the same list. This caused...
 * There would be leftover tiles that cannot connect to a TileService
   and therefore show empty UI.

The solution is as follows:
 * Make sure that all operations that modify the tiles are performed in
   the main thread.
 * Make sure that all operations that modify the tiles use the same
   truth for the current state.
 * Make sure that mTileSpecs always reflects the setting at the end of
   onTuningChanged. This means that tiles that are destroyed or removed
   will never be in this list.

Test: atest
Test: manual, start Guest user and notice that there are no blank tiles.
Fixes: 235561921
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