Improve debugging for issue #7586414: AlarmManager wakelocks held

In alarm manager, print a summary of the top 10 alarms by time
being executed.  Keep track of execution time (and wake count) of
each type of alarm for each application so this can be printed in
the summary (and used to compute the top 10 alarms).  Rework how
the alarm summary stats are tracked so that we don't need to hold
on to the full Intent for each stat and can get the Intent information
at the time the alarm is sent rather than waiting for whatever Intent
comes back in the result.

Also in the battery stats: sort the kernel wake locks by time, add
a new section showing all partial wake locks across all applications
sorted by time.

Finally a new LocalLog class that is used by AlarmManager to log
important warning messages, so these can also be later found in
its dumpsys output.

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7 files changed