camera2: Fix exception swallowing in params classes createFromParcel

Do not catch exceptions when we attempt to create the following classes
from a parcel
- OutputConfiguration
- VendorTagDescriptor
- VendorTagDescriptorCache
- SessionConfiguration
This could cause subsequent parcel information to be read incorrectly.

Bug: 188675581

Test: Sample app which tries to write invalid data into an
      OutputConfiguration parcel to send in an intent via Broadcast. When read by the receiving app,
      gets an exception (not swallowed).

Merged-In: I745ca49daa6ca36b1020d518e9f346b52684f2b1
Change-Id: I745ca49daa6ca36b1020d518e9f346b52684f2b1
Signed-off-by: Jayant Chowdhary <>
(cherry picked from commit 6b0bcd60c81003e6a193aeccf44ee03f188e3984)
4 files changed