Add animation and positional stability to intent chooser UI

Dejank the process of bringing in new ChooserTargets from queried
services. Animate the service target rows in upward so that if the
user's finger is already headed for a visible choice we don't inject
something wrong right under them at the last second. Keep things sane
if the user is dragging the UI while we're bringing in new items.

To animate this, since we can't use RecyclerView from the framework we
treat the height of rows as a conceptual data set change for
ListView. To get away with doing this per-frame we pre-measure the
item height (which remains constant) instead of doing more expensive
wrap_content calculations. ResolverDrawerLayout is now aware of how to
account for a cheat-measured ListView to compensate.

Bug 24038066

Change-Id: I01414a5746815255ff948a6d0887bb5ad0897285
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