Reconcile private volumes when mounted.

Many things can happen while a private volume is ejected, so we need
to reconcile newly mounted volumes against known state.

First, user IDs can be recycled, so we store the serial number in the
extended attributes of the /data/user/[id] directory inode.  Since a
serial number is always unique, we can quickly determine if a user
directory "10" really belongs to the current user "10".  When we
detect a mismatched serial number, we destroy all data belonging to
that user.  Gracefully handles upgrade case and assumes current serial
number is valid when none is defined.

Second, we destroy apps that we find no record of, either due to
uninstallation while the volume was unmounted, or reinstallation on
another volume.

When mounting a volume, ensure that data directories exist for all
current users.  Similarly, create data directories on all mounted
volumes when creating a user.  When forgetting a volume, gracefully
uninstall any apps that had been installed on that volume.

Bug: 20674082, 20275572
Change-Id: I4e3448837f7c03daf00d71681ebdc96e3d8b9cc9
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