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This directory contains a simple Android app that is meant to help in doing controlled startup performance experiments.

This app is structured as a number of activities that each are useful for a different aspect of startup testing.



This is the simplest possible Android activity. Starting this exercises only the system parts of startup without any app-specific behavior.

adb shell am start -n


This activity inflates a reasonably complex layout to see the impact of layout inflation. The layout is supported by the viewcompiler, so this can be used for testing precompiled layout performance.

The activity adds an inflate#activity_main slice to atrace around the time spent in view inflation to make it easier to focus on the time spent in view inflation.

adb shell am start -n


This activity is for running microbenchmarks from the command line. Run as follows:

adb shell am start -W -n .NonInteractiveSystemServerBenchmarkActivity

It takes awhile (and there‘s currently no automated way to make sure it’s done), but when it finishes, you can get the results like this:

adb shell cat /sdcard/Android/data/