Resolve LocationManager + ActivityManager conflict

LocationManagerService was serially stuffing the same Location into
multiple Intents, which it would immediately hand off to
ActivityManagerService, running as a different thread in the same
process. LocationManager would continue to work with that Location
while ActivityManagerService worked with a Parceled version of it.

However, Location.mExtras is also a Bundle, and both
ActivityManagerService and LocationManagerService ended up working
with references to the same Bundle. ActivityManagerService needs
it in Parceled form (ie mParceledData != null), but
LocationManagerService was triggering Bundle.unparcel() when
referencing the data contained within.

As a result, LocationManagerService was able to trigger NPE (or
worse) in ActivityManagerService by manipulating the mExtras
member of a Location that was in the process of being reported to

To resolve this issue, I copy-construct a new Location to report to
each listener. This should prevent ActivityManagerService and
LocationManagerService from referencing the same Bundle data, as
Location's copy constructor also copyconstructs the mExtras member,
rather than simply share references.

Bug: 7518371
Change-Id: I1a92615cba361831494447d5de085a8d910b6b2c
1 file changed