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-      UI tests that involve user interactions
-      within a single app help to ensure that users do not
+      Testing user interactions
+      within a single app helps to ensure that users do not
       encounter unexpected results or have a poor experience when interacting with your app.
       You should get into the habit of creating user interface (UI) tests if you need to verify
       that the UI of your app is functioning correctly.
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-            <a href="{@docRoot}/tools/testing-support-library/index.html">Testing Support Library</a>
+            <a href="{@docRoot}tools/testing-support-library/index.html">Testing Support Library</a>
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 <p>The lessons in this class teach you how to use the tools and APIs in the
-<a href="{@docRoot}/tools/testing-support-library/index.html">Android Testing Support Library</a>
+<a href="{@docRoot}tools/testing-support-library/index.html">Android Testing Support Library</a>
 to build these types of automated tests. Before you begin building tests using these
 APIs, you must install the Android Testing Support Library, as described in
-<a href="{@docRoot}/tools/testing-support-library/index.html#setup">Downloading the Android
+<a href="{@docRoot}tools/testing-support-library/index.html#setup">Downloading the Android
 Testing Support Library</a>.</p>