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page.title=Creating Custom UIs for Wear Devices
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<h2>Dependencies and Prerequisites</h2>
<li>Android Studio 0.8 or later and Gradle 0.12 or later</li>
<p>User interfaces for wearable apps differ significantly from those built for handheld devices.
Apps for wearables should follow the Android Wear <a href="{@docRoot}design/wear/index.html">design
principles</a> and implement the recommended <a href="{@docRoot}design/wear/patterns.html">UI
patterns</a>, which ensure a consistent user experience across apps that is optimized for
<p>This class teaches you how to create custom UIs for your
<a href="{@docRoot}training/wearables/apps/creating.html">wearable apps</a> and
<a href="{@docRoot}training/wearables/apps/layouts.html#CustomNotifications">custom
notifications</a> that look good on any Android Wear device by implementing these
UI patterns:</p>
<li>Countdowns and confirmations</li>
<li>Long press to dismiss</li>
<li>2D Pickers</li>
<li>Selection lists</li>
<p>The Wearable UI Library, which is part of the Google Repository in the Android SDK,
provides classes that help you implement these patterns and create layouts that work on
both round and square Android Wear devices.</p>
<p class="note"><b>Note:</b> We recommend using Android Studio for Android Wear development
as it provides project setup, library inclusion, and packaging conveniences that aren't available
in ADT. This training assumes you are using Android Studio.</p>
<dt><a href="{@docRoot}training/wearables/ui/layouts.html">Defining Layouts</a></dt>
<dd>Learn how to create layouts that look good on round and square Android Wear devices.</dd>
<dt><a href="{@docRoot}training/wearables/ui/cards.html">Creating Cards</a></dt>
<dd>Learn how to create cards with custom layouts.</dd>
<dt><a href="{@docRoot}training/wearables/ui/lists.html">Creating Lists</a></dt>
<dd>Learn how to create lists that are optimized for wearable devices.</dd>
<dt><a href="{@docRoot}training/wearables/ui/2d-picker.html">Creating a 2D Picker</a></dt>
<dd>Learn how to implement the 2D Picker UI pattern to navigate through pages of data.</dd>
<dt><a href="{@docRoot}training/wearables/ui/confirm.html">Showing Confirmations</a></dt>
<dd>Learn how to display confirmation animations when users complete actions.</dd>
<dt><a href="{@docRoot}training/wearables/ui/exit.html">Exiting Full-Screen Activities</a></dt>
<dd>Learn how to implement the long-press-to-dismiss UI pattern to exit full-screen activities.</dd>