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page.title=Adding Search Functionality
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<h2>Dependencies and prerequisites</h2>
<li>Android 3.0 or later (with some support for Android 2.1)</li>
<li>Experience building an Android <a href="{@docRoot}guide/topics/ui/index.html">User
<h2>You should also read</h2>
<li><a href="{@docRoot}guide/topics/search/index.html">Search</a></li>
<li><a href="{@docRoot}resources/samples/SearchableDictionary/index.html">Searchable
Dictionary Sample App</a></li>
<p>Android's built-in search features offer apps an easy way to provide a
consistent search experience for all users. There are two ways to implement search in your app
depending on the version of Android that is running on the device. This class covers how to add
search with {@link android.widget.SearchView}, which was introduced in Android 3.0, while
maintaining backward compatibility with older versions of Android by using the default search
dialog provided by the system.</p>
<dt><b><a href="setup.html">Setting Up the Search Interface</a></b></dt>
<dd>Learn how to add a search interface to your app and how to configure an activity to handle
search queries.</dd>
<dt><b><a href="search.html">Storing and Searching for Data</a></b></dt>
<dd>Learn a simple way to store and search for data in a SQLite virtual database table.</dd>
<dt><b><a href="backward-compat.html">Remaining Backward Compatible</a></b></dt>
<dd>Learn how to keep search features backward compatible with older devices.</dd>