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page.title=Monetizing Your App
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<h2>Dependencies and prerequisites</h2>
<li>Android 1.0 or higher</li>
<li>Experience with <a href="{@docRoot}guide/topics/ui/declaring-layout.html">XML layouts</a></li>
<h2>Try it out</h2>
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<p>Apart from offering paid apps, there are a number of other ways to monetize your mobile applications. In this class, we are going to examine a number of typical methods (more lessons are to come) and their associated technical best practices. Obviously, each application is different and you should experiment with different combinations of these and other monetization methods to determine what works best for you.</p>
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<dt><b><a href="ads-and-ux.html">Advertising without Compromising User Experience</a></b></dt>
<dd>In this lesson, you will learn how to monetize your application with mobile