[WIFI] Make Aware + Connectivity agent network specifiers sensitive

Configure the Wi-Fi Aware agent network
specifier as sensitive. This will strip it out from the
network capabilities before the capabilities are forwarded to the

Necessary since the agent network specifier contains information
which the apps should not have.

Bug: 161853197
Bug: 161370134
Test: atest ConnectivityServiceTest (frameworks/base/tests/net)
Test: atest frameworks/base/tests/net
Test: atest frameworks/opt/net/wifi/tests/wifitests
Test: atest frameworks/opt/telephony/tests/telephonytests
Test: atest frameworks/opt/net/ethernet/tests
Test: atest android.net.cts - some flakiness!
Test: act.py ThroughputTest
Test: act.py DataPathTest
Test: atest SingleDeviceTest (cts)
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