Patches for IKeyguardStateCallback

1. Also notify input is restricted or not when IKeyguardStateCallback callback is added.
When first Keyguard is showing after boot, the mInputRestricted is not updated. So,
inKeyguardRestrictedInputMode still returns false, although device is locked.

2. If mShowing remains false during setup time of KeyguardViewMediator, mInputRestricted
is not updated. This is because updateInputRestrictedLocked is called only if showing
value is changed during setup time.
For this reason, when device is not provisioned, inKeyguardRestrictedInputMode returns
false, and device does not restrict key.

3. If one of callbacks causes RemoteException, the other callbacks are not called.
This is because catching RemoteException breaks for-loop.

Change-Id: I0281405127bcc75285b908d01485da3ac9b40b52
Signed-off-by: Dooyoung Hwang <>
1 file changed