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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
** Copyright 2009, The Android Open Source Project
** Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
** you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
** You may obtain a copy of the License at
** Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
** distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
** See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
** limitations under the License.
<!-- These resources are around just to allow their values to be customized
for different hardware and product builds. -->
<!-- Whether we're using the tablet-optimized recents interface (we use this
value at runtime for some things) -->
<bool name="config_recents_interface_for_tablets">false</bool>
<!-- Whether recents thumbnails should stretch in both x and y to fill their
ImageView -->
<bool name="config_recents_thumbnail_image_fits_to_xy">false</bool>
<!-- Control whether status bar should distinguish HSPA data icon form UMTS
data icon on devices -->
<bool name="config_hspa_data_distinguishable">false</bool>
<!-- Component to be used as the status bar service. Must implement the IStatusBar
interface. This name is in the ComponentName flattened format (package/class) -->
<string name="config_statusBarComponent" translatable="false"></string>
<!-- Whether or not we show the number in the bar. -->
<bool name="config_statusBarShowNumber">false</bool>
<!-- How many icons may be shown at once in the system bar. Includes any
slots that may be reused for things like IME control. -->
<integer name="config_maxNotificationIcons">5</integer>
<!-- Show phone (voice) signal strength instead of data in mobile RSSI. -->
<bool name="config_showPhoneRSSIForData">false</bool>
<!-- When true, show 1/2G networks as 3G. -->
<bool name="config_showMin3G">false</bool>
<!-- Show rotation lock toggle in System UI-->
<bool name="config_showRotationLock">true</bool>
<!-- Amount of time to hold off before showing the search panel when the user presses home -->
<integer name="config_show_search_delay">200</integer>
<!-- Vibration duration for GlowPadView used in SearchPanelView -->
<integer translatable="false" name="config_vibration_duration">0</integer>
<!-- Vibration duration for GlowPadView used in SearchPanelView -->
<integer translatable="false" name="config_search_panel_view_vibration_duration">20</integer>
<!-- The length of the vibration when the notification pops open. -->
<integer name="one_finger_pop_duration_ms">10</integer>
<!-- Whether we're using the tablet-optimized recents interface (we use this
value at runtime for some things) -->
<integer name="status_bar_recents_bg_gradient_degrees">90</integer>
<!-- decay duration (from size_max -> size), in ms -->
<integer name="navigation_bar_deadzone_hold">333</integer>
<integer name="navigation_bar_deadzone_decay">333</integer>
<bool name="config_dead_zone_flash">false</bool>
<!-- Min alpha % that recent items will fade to while being dismissed -->
<integer name="config_recent_item_min_alpha">3</integer>
<!-- The number of columns in the QuickSettings -->
<integer name="quick_settings_num_columns">3</integer>
<!-- The maximum number of rows in the QuickSettings -->
<integer name="quick_settings_max_rows">4</integer>
<!-- The maximum number of rows in the QuickSettings when on the keyguard -->
<integer name="quick_settings_max_rows_keyguard">3</integer>
<!-- The number of columns that the top level tiles span in the QuickSettings -->
<integer name="quick_settings_user_time_settings_tile_span">1</integer>
<!-- The default tiles to display in QuickSettings -->
<string name="quick_settings_tiles_default" translatable="false">
<!-- The tiles to display in QuickSettings -->
<string name="quick_settings_tiles" translatable="false">default</string>
<!-- Whether or not the RSSI tile is capitalized or not. -->
<bool name="quick_settings_rssi_tile_capitalization">true</bool>
<!-- Timeouts for brightness dialog to disappear -->
<integer name="quick_settings_brightness_dialog_short_timeout">2000</integer>
<integer name="quick_settings_brightness_dialog_long_timeout">4000</integer>
<integer name="blinds_pop_duration_ms">10</integer>
<!-- Should "4G" be shown instead of "LTE" when the network is NETWORK_TYPE_LTE? -->
<bool name="config_show4GForLTE">true</bool>
<!-- milliseconds before the heads up notification auto-dismisses. -->
<integer name="heads_up_notification_decay">10000</integer>
<!-- milliseconds before the heads up notification accepts touches. -->
<integer name="heads_up_sensitivity_delay">700</integer>
<!-- The duration in seconds to wait before the dismiss buttons are shown. -->
<integer name="recents_task_bar_dismiss_delay_seconds">1</integer>
<!-- The min animation duration for animating views that are currently visible. -->
<integer name="recents_filter_animate_current_views_duration">250</integer>
<!-- The min animation duration for animating views that are newly visible. -->
<integer name="recents_filter_animate_new_views_duration">250</integer>
<!-- The min animation duration for animating the task bar in. -->
<integer name="recents_animate_task_bar_enter_duration">225</integer>
<!-- The animation delay for animating the first task in. This should roughly be the animation
duration of the transition in to recents. -->
<integer name="recents_animate_task_bar_enter_delay">275</integer>
<!-- The min animation duration for animating the task bar out. -->
<integer name="recents_animate_task_exit_to_home_duration">225</integer>
<!-- The min animation duration for animating the task bar out. -->
<integer name="recents_animate_task_bar_exit_duration">125</integer>
<!-- The min animation duration for animating the task in when transitioning from home. -->
<integer name="recents_animate_task_enter_from_home_duration">275</integer>
<!-- The animation stagger to apply to each task animation when transitioning from home. -->
<integer name="recents_animate_task_enter_from_home_delay">10</integer>
<!-- The short duration when animating in/out the lock to app button. -->
<integer name="recents_animate_lock_to_app_button_short_duration">150</integer>
<!-- The long duration when animating in/out the lock to app button. -->
<integer name="recents_animate_lock_to_app_button_long_duration">300</integer>
<!-- The min animation duration for animating the nav bar scrim in. -->
<integer name="recents_nav_bar_scrim_enter_duration">400</integer>
<!-- The animation duration for animating the removal of a task view. -->
<integer name="recents_animate_task_view_remove_duration">250</integer>
<!-- The animation duration for scrolling the stack to a particular item. -->
<integer name="recents_animate_task_stack_scroll_duration">225</integer>
<!-- The minimum alpha for the dim applied to cards that go deeper into the stack. -->
<integer name="recents_max_task_stack_view_dim">96</integer>
<!-- The delay to enforce between each alt-tab key press. -->
<integer name="recents_alt_tab_key_delay">200</integer>
<!-- Transposes the recents layout in landscape. -->
<bool name="recents_transpose_layout_with_orientation">true</bool>
<!-- Whether to enable KeyguardService or not -->
<bool name="config_enableKeyguardService">true</bool>
<!-- The maximum count of notifications on Keyguard. The rest will be collapsed in an overflow
card. -->
<integer name="keyguard_max_notification_count">3</integer>
<!-- Defines the implementation of the velocity tracker to be used for the panel expansion. Can
be 'platform' or 'noisy' (i.e. for noisy touch screens). -->
<string name="velocity_tracker_impl" translatable="false">platform</string>
<!-- Set to true to enable the classic notification ticker that scrolls
Notification.tickerText across the status bar for what seems like an
eternity. -->
<bool name="enable_ticker">false</bool>
<!-- Set to true to enable the user switcher on the keyguard. -->
<bool name="config_keyguardUserSwitcher">false</bool>
<!-- Doze: does this device support STATE_DOZE and STATE_DOZE_SUSPEND? -->
<bool name="doze_display_state_supported">false</bool>
<!-- Doze: should the significant motion sensor be used as a pulse signal? -->
<bool name="doze_pulse_on_significant_motion">false</bool>
<!-- Doze: should the pickup sensor be used as a pulse signal? -->
<bool name="doze_pulse_on_pick_up">false</bool>
<!-- Doze: maximum brightness to use when pulsing -->
<integer name="doze_pulse_brightness">40</integer>
<!-- Doze: number of pulses when doing multiple pulses in quick succession -->
<integer name="doze_multipulse_count">3</integer>
<!-- Doze: interval between pulses when following the notification light -->
<integer name="doze_notification_pulse_interval">30000</integer>
<!-- Doze: alpha to apply to small icons when dozing -->
<integer name="doze_small_icon_alpha">222</integer><!-- 87% of 0xff -->
<!-- Volume: time to delay dismissing the volume panel after a click is performed -->
<integer name="volume_panel_dismiss_delay">200</integer>
<!-- Tiles with feature timeouts: number of days to show after feature is used. -->
<integer name="days_to_show_timeout_tiles">30</integer>
<!-- Number of times to show the strong alarm warning text in the volume dialog -->
<integer name="zen_mode_alarm_warning_threshold">5</integer>