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It is an executable used to help parsing text format data to protobuf.

How to build, deploy, unit test

For the first time, build the test and create an empty directly on device:

root$ make -j incident_helper_test && adb shell mkdir /data/nativetest64/incident_helper_test

Run the test on a device

root$ mmm -j frameworks/base/cmds/incident_helper && \
adb push $OUT/data/nativetest64/incident_helper_test/* /data/nativetest64/incident_helper_test/ && \
adb shell /data/nativetest64/incident_helper_test/incident_helper_test 2>/dev/null

How to adapt proto changes

If add a new proto file, add it in Android.bp under frameworks/base/ and make incident helper

root$ make -j48 incident_helper