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This section provides articles, tutorials, sample code, and other
information to help you quickly implement the features you want in your
application. To return to this page later, just click the "Resources"
tab while any Resources page is loaded.
<h2>Technical Resources</h2>
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<a href="{@docRoot}resources/browser.html?tag=sample">
<img src="{@docRoot}assets/images/resource-big-sample.png"/>
<h3><a href="{@docRoot}resources/browser.html?tag=sample">
Sample Code
<p>Fully-functioning sample applications that you can build and run
to learn about how Android works. Feel free to reuse any of the code or
techniques in the samples.</p>
<a href="{@docRoot}resources/browser.html?tag=article">
<img src="{@docRoot}assets/images/resource-big-article.png"/>
<h3><a href="{@docRoot}resources/browser.html?tag=article">
<p>Focused discussions about Android development subjects, including
optimizations, tips, interesting implementations, "how-tos",
and so on.</p>
<a href="{@docRoot}resources/browser.html?tag=tutorial">
<img src="{@docRoot}assets/images/resource-big-tutorial.png"/>
<h3><a href="{@docRoot}resources/browser.html?tag=tutorial">
<p>Step-by-step instructions demonstrating how to build an Android application
that has the specific features you want.</p>
<!-- <td class="last">
<a href="{@docRoot}resources/browser.html?tag=video">
<img src="{@docRoot}assets/images/resource-big-video.png"/>
<h3><a href="{@docRoot}resources/browser.html?tag=video">
Videos &amp; Screencasts
<p>Videos and presentation slides from developer events, along with
screencasts to walk you through common Android development
</td> -->
<h2>Other Resources</h2>
<dd>Links to the Android discussion groups and information about other ways to
collaborate with other developers. </dd>
<dt><b>Device Dashboard</b></dt>
<dd>Device distribution data, grouped by various dimensions such as screen size
and Android platform version. </dd>
<dd>Quick development tips, troubleshooting information, and frequently asked
questions (FAQs). </dd>