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<p>In addition to the <a href="community-groups.html">Android developer forums</a>, you can participate in the Android developer community through IRC and you can follow us on Twitter. </p>
<h3 id="irc">IRC</h3>
<p>Several IRC channels are available for discussions about developing Android applications.</p>
<td>General discussion about Android (and Android development).</td>
<td>Discussion focused on developing Android apps.</td>
<p>If you haven't used IRC before, check <a
List_of_IRC_clients &raquo;</a> for a helpful list of IRC clients. Alternatively, you could also use
this <a href="">web interface &raquo;</a>, which
does not require any installation, to join discussions on the Android IRC channels. </p>
<p>Here are some tips for using IRC:</h4>
<li>Set your nickname before you join the channel.</li>
<li>Registering your nickname prevents others from using your nickname or impersonating you later:
<pre class="no-pretty-print" style="width:50%;">/nick &lt;yournickname&gt;
/msg nickserv register &lt;password&gt; &lt;email&gt;</pre>
<p>Afterwards, when you connect, you'll need to supply a password:</p>
<pre class="no-pretty-print" style="width:50%;">/connect
/nick &lt;yournickname&gt;
/msg nickserv identify &lt;password&gt;
/join #android-dev</pre>
<h3 id="gplus">Google+</h3>
<p>We use a Google+ page to host Hangouts for developers, talk about the latest
releases, development and design tips, and much more.</p>
<div style='margin-top:1em'><g:plus href=''
<h3 id="twitter">Twitter</h3>
<p>You can follow us on Twitter at this account:</p>
<p style="margin-left:2em;"><a href=""></a></p>
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