Fix issue #34592078: Mobile broadcast crash observed randomly...

...when using device on mobile data

Whitelist CellBroadcastReceiver, this is a core OS component anyway
so this probably makes sense.

Test: manual

Change-Id: I1560093640e81064ad123ff0bbcb307583fc47c6
(cherry picked from commit 3f13c54f1443809ea14dbc04e14cdf2d4201be60)
diff --git a/data/etc/platform.xml b/data/etc/platform.xml
index 9cdc660..b394c3c 100644
--- a/data/etc/platform.xml
+++ b/data/etc/platform.xml
@@ -177,6 +177,9 @@
          access while in data mode, even if they aren't in the foreground. -->
     <allow-in-data-usage-save package="" />
+    <!-- This is a core platform component that needs to freely run in the background -->
+    <allow-in-power-save package="" />
     <!-- These are the packages that are white-listed to be able to run as system user -->
     <system-user-whitelisted-app package="" />