[DO NOT MERGE] Fixed status bar glitch for apps that access internal res

In 12L, to support mulit-display devices, we changed the way to get the
status bar height by adding an API to calculate instead of directly
reading the resource of status_bar_height.

However, some apps still using Resources.getIdentify() to get this
internal resources dimen as status bar height to layout their UI which
cause status bar glitch in their app.

For compatibility purpose:
1. Create a new dimen res status_bar_height_default which will be used
   by framework to determine the status bar heigth
2. For status_bar_height
   - Set the value to the size which already consider the cutout size
     for defualt display as before so that it won't breaking existing
   - It is only used for apps using Resources.getIdentifier()

Bug: 216782082
Test: verified on the apps with such issue.
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Merged-In: I306efa187ffa69223c06fd248cfe57d183f96c59
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