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<blockquote>Android's flexible framework means it runs on more devices and reaches more
<p>Android powers millions of devices around the world and in a variety of form-factors. The Android
framework is specially built to run apps on more than just one screen size and hardware
configuration. As an app developer, Android's scale and variety offers you the potential to quickly
reach millions of users.</p>
<p>Android apps are flexible and easily adapt to the device on which they are running. Although the
system scales your assets when necessary, you can provide alternative app resources that are
optimized for specific device categories, such as the screen size and density. Android applies the
appropriate resources when running your app, based on the current devices configuration.</p>
<blockquote>You're in control of which devices can install your app</blockquote>
<p>Some devices provide a different user experience when using apps, but you’re always in control of
how your app behaves on each device. If you publish your app on Google Play, you also have
control over which kinds of devices are allowed to install your app and you can closely control how
your app is distributed.</p>
<p>Every device that includes Google Play has been certified compatible. This means that
the device has passed a rigorous test suite to ensure that the device uses a version of Android that
supports all the platform APIs and will successfully run your app.</p>