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<h1 itemprop="name" style="margin-bottom:0;">Google Play Game Services</h1>
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Make your games social with Google Play game services. Add achievements,
leaderboards, real-time multiplayer, and other popular features using the
Google Play game services SDK. Let players sign in using their Google+
identities and share their gaming experience with friends.
<p>Explore the
<a href="{@docRoot}reference/com/google/android/gms/games/package-summary.html">Google
Play Games Android API reference</a> or visit
<a class="external-link" href=
for more information about integrating game services into your app.
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<h3 style="clear:left">Key Developer Features</h3>
<h4>Reward players with achievements</h4>
<p>Add hidden and incremental achievements to encourage users to explore your game in new
and interesting ways. A built-in achievement UI is available to display progress. <br />
<a class="external-link" href="">Add
achievements to your game</a>.</p>
<h4>Drive engagement with leaderboards</h4>
<p>Let players compare scores with friends using leaderboards and see how they rank
against other players worldwide. Google Play game services automatically maintains daily,
weekly, and all-time high scores. <br /><a class="external-link"
href="">Build leaderboards</a></p>
<h4>Save game data to the cloud</h4>
<p>Offer seamless game progress across all of the user's devices. Use the Saved Games API
to quickly store and synchronize game data on Google's cloud
infrastructure. <br />
class="external-link" href="">Save
game data to the cloud</a></p>
<h4>Create real-time and turn-based multiplayer games</h4>
<p>Make your game more dynamic with simultaneous or asynchronous gameplay.
Use the multiplayer APIs to send match invitations, auto-match players
anonymously, and exchange data between game clients. <br />Develop <a class="external-link"
multiplayer</a> and <a class="external-link"
href="">turn-based multiplayer</a> games</p>
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<h3 style="clear:left">Getting Started</h3>
<h4>1. Get the Google Play services SDK</h4>
<p>Google Play game services is part of the Google Play services platform.</p>
<p>To use game services, <a href="{@docRoot}google/play-services/setup.html">set up
the Google Play services SDK</a>. Then, see the <a class="external-link"
Getting Started guide</a> to set up your app.
<h4>2. Run the sample</h4>
<p>Once you've installed the Google Play services package, <a class="external-link"
href="">download the game services
samples</a> to learn how to use the major components of the Google Play game services SDK.
<h4>3. Read the documentation</h4>
<p>Read the <a class="external-link" href="">
API Terms of Service</a>.</p>
<p>Detailed documentation for the Google Play game services SDK is available at <a class="external-link"
<p>For quick access while developing your Android apps, the
<a href="{@docRoot}reference/com/google/android/gms/games/package-summary.html">API reference</a> is available here on</p>