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page.title=Using Existing Libraries
<p>This section discusses the use of existing libraries&ndash;both your own, and those that the NDK
<p>It begins by telling you how to use your own <a href="{@docRoot}ndk/guides/prebuilts.html">
prebuilt libraries</a>. Then, it explains the <a href="{@docRoot}ndk/guides/cpp-support.html">
C++ helper runtimes</a> available with the NDK, and how to use them. Finally, it provides
information on <a href="{@docRoot}ndk/guides/stable_apis.html">the other libraries</a> that the NDK provides, such
as <a href="">OpenGL ES</a> and
<a href="">OpenSL ES</a>, and the minimum Android API levels
required to support those libraries.</p>